Expanding Runehammer


I love your idea! And the PDF that comes with the physical product when you buy it could be index-sized illustrations like the volume one to three of Index Card RPG. What do you think?


Couldn’t hurt. It stays with the theme of ICRPG. I’ve always preferred the poker cards because of the size and the finish that allows for easy sorting, but I’ve used the original sets at full size plenty.


Eventually I’m thinking of running ICRPG games at my local library, and perhaps at a con someday, and I’ve heard some cool GMs give souvenirs or RPG material to their players at the end of a session. What about making the Quickstart manual POD? Could be cheap, could be helpful to give to players and spread the good word of ICRPG in those situations!


I have given out the QuickStart for free at cons, as well as giving a full copy of the book away for the last person to roll a Nat 20 during the session. I also usually buy some cheap dice sets and give those away.


Yeah, I could get the Quickstart guide printed. I’ll see with my local printer. :smile:


I think something like a crowd-sourced publication of loot and powers for the diffent settings.

Set up something on here or the discord and let the shield wall submit their homebrewed loot, spells, powers etc. Then have Runehammer print the list of more random tables or what have you.

You could make a volume one, volume two etc.

It gives the shield wall something to contribute toward. A mission. A chance to get their ideas into the next book. And Runehammer get a new revenue stream.

You’ve already got the publishing part down. Let the shield wall handle content generation.



Others have suggested this before. There has not been a great deal of community concurrence or forum infrastructure reorganization to support it.


I started the “repository”-category to collect similar posts in one hub-post.
If someone does that for homebrew monsters, homebrew loot or homebrew powers we can make a hub-post for each. The post-structure would be Repository: [Title] and the post would collect all posts concerning the topic. The post tag would be #repository so instead of searching different individual posts one could search the hub posts and go from there. See for instance: Repository: DM Kit Essentials or Repository: Character Sheets


Maybe you can make it seasonal. Kinda like a game jam. Then you Epublish a new content book every year. You could even make the higher tier of patreon supporters part of the voting/filtering user submissions.


Would like a softcover option of Hard Suit I just prefer softcover books. Id even pay the same price as the hardcover on drivethrurpg.