EXD6: additional species


How would one go about adding additional species to EZD6 ? ….are there any guidelines to include linages like Dark Elves, Dragonborn, and etc?….
Or should i just let very one choose three inclinations and use the aspects to identify their backgrounds and ancestry…:thinking:


I put these together a while back. Hope you get some use out of them!

Bugbear-Night sight(see twice as far in dim light)

Boon on strength related checks

Dragonborn-Breath weapon(deal one strike to 1d4 creatures near 1x/day)

Treat Armor as 1 step better

Gnome-Tunnel sight(see twice as far in dim light)

Boon to resist illusion magicks

Goliath-+1 Health Strike

Boon on strength related checks

Half-Elf-Twilight sight(see twice as far in dim light)

Boon on diplomatic checks

Half-Orc-+1 Health Strike

Boon on unarmed fighting


Hmmm…cool that is helpful but also when in doubt i just might treat species as an Aspect and just give everyone three inclinations …but that is helpful…


I love this. Great job capturing the raw simplicity of the EZD6 System!

I am currently running a Dungeon World Adventure for my group. I’m interested in recasting them in EZD6.

I think character Playbook Moves would be easy to translate into EZD6 Inclinations and Hero Path abilities.

Halfling Thief 7th Level would make a cool Halfling Rascal with some development.


I have a hacking compulsion, so I changed some of the species and added new ones.
My daughter wanted to play a game with multiple types of Elves because she’s obsessed with the cartoon Dragon Prince. These are the species we use.
Night Elf
Wood Elf
Dawn Elf


i want to know how to make a lizard folk or cat folk species.


You can do it however you like. You could give them the ability to easily climb any surface they would normally be able to walk on, or something like that.


I posted a pdf of this on Discord, DM Scotty Server EZD6-community-creations
Incarnates are my answer to Aasimar, Tieflings, and such…


Demigods or Avatars, mortals with otherworldly heritage, with notable physical aspects depending on lineage such as:

Aesir, Celestial, or Olympian - divinely beautiful or strong with a boon to seduction or strength, or perhaps given a special gift like a magickal item.

Anamist, Eldridge, or Infernal - bestial, demonic, draconic, or gruesome with a boon to intimidation, or perhaps a related elemental immunity or weapon.

If the RR permits, they may have an alternate movement form such as teleport through an element (celestial light, earth, flame, mist, plants, etc.), or winged flight but with restrictions such as: no allowance of armor or encumbrance, a speed not exceeding normal movement, a bane to combat, or only as a Miracle in the service of the gods.

Speaking of… being family, the gods will expect a lot of such a PS, or they’ll incur divine wrath (on the party too), which may serve to balance the character and allow the RR to impose sidequests…

“Last night you had a vision. Your Infernal Father’s temple was raided and its Most Profane Relic, the Skull of Metaxryztus, was stolen! You saw a nearby village reduced to ash, and among the charred remains, your friends. You’re pretty sure dad wants it back and he isn’t just asking…”