EXD6: additional species


How would one go about adding additional species to EZD6 ? ….are there any guidelines to include linages like Dark Elves, Dragonborn, and etc?….
Or should i just let very one choose three inclinations and use the aspects to identify their backgrounds and ancestry…:thinking:


I put these together a while back. Hope you get some use out of them!

Bugbear-Night sight(see twice as far in dim light)

Boon on strength related checks

Dragonborn-Breath weapon(deal one strike to 1d4 creatures near 1x/day)

Treat Armor as 1 step better

Gnome-Tunnel sight(see twice as far in dim light)

Boon to resist illusion magicks

Goliath-+1 Health Strike

Boon on strength related checks

Half-Elf-Twilight sight(see twice as far in dim light)

Boon on diplomatic checks

Half-Orc-+1 Health Strike

Boon on unarmed fighting


Hmmm…cool that is helpful but also when in doubt i just might treat species as an Aspect and just give everyone three inclinations …but that is helpful…


I love this. Great job capturing the raw simplicity of the EZD6 System!

I am currently running a Dungeon World Adventure for my group. I’m interested in recasting them in EZD6.

I think character Playbook Moves would be easy to translate into EZD6 Inclinations and Hero Path abilities.

Halfling Thief 7th Level would make a cool Halfling Rascal with some development.


I have a hacking compulsion, so I changed some of the species and added new ones.
My daughter wanted to play a game with multiple types of Elves because she’s obsessed with the cartoon Dragon Prince. These are the species we use.
Night Elf
Wood Elf
Dawn Elf