Hey all!

I wanted to share a quick sheet I put together for all my players. Handling how much LOOT they have and if it’s equipped/carried got complex, so what I’ve basically done is put all their LOOT on blank playing cards.

Then, it (somehow) was still to much for them to keep it laid out on the table to make it easy to keep track of. So, in came my equipment sheet! Basically I print it out on a letter sized paper, and made certain ‘slots’ for them to equip in different areas. It also made a lot of sense too, so they couldn’t gain the bonus from 2 greatswords at the same time (or something to that effect).

There are 3 ARMOR slots, a slot for each hand, a BELT slot (for everything else equipped) and a BACKPACK slot (for everything carried).

I was worried at first when I made slots that it would make tracking things harder, but the games are running so smoothly!


You don’t know how many times I drew up a sheet based on EverQuest slots… I keep wondering about the overhead but I also keep thinking it wouldn’t be all that hard to manage


it’s nifty, but the left arm is an image of a right arm, and the right arm is an image of a left arm. I get why you did it the way you did, but my brain can’t stop going “that’s the wrong arm!”


I really like this idea and have thought of doing something like this from time to time. A couple questions that come to mind: How do you represent two handed weapons and how are full suits of armor categorized?


As far as 2 handed weapons, I would have them occupy both arm slots, and give it an added TAG of dealing double WEAPON EFFORT or something similar.

Armor I kind of give the elder scrolls treatment and have them be individual. A Daedric Helmet, greaves, and Cuirass each give +3 ARMOR but altogether make a set (quite a powerful set). Most of the time I have each piece not give more than +1 ARMOR, but usually some additional side effects.


I love slots!
Been doing it in my Final Fantasy campaign.