Episode 14 - ICRPG VS


Victor Diaz and I rant about what ICRPG does better than the rest.



i totally enjoy every episode of your show. Thank you!


I love listening to you guys hype on ICRPG, keep it up!


Always look forward to your shows. Thanks for keeping it going fellas!


Another great episode. Agree on all the points you guys hit. I always thought it was interesting how much my players protested the turn order never changing on initiative.

“I have such high dex I should go first!”

Then go sit over in that chair problem solved.

they enjoy the system now but that first night was like I was committing blasphemy lol

From a relatively new player of table top games (only 1 year under my belt) I hated how in dnd when we started at level 1 we weren’t “HEROS” yet. Like your a novice in everything you do and can’t do really badass things until later levels. Really hit home when I was a low level cleric and got my ass handed to me by some undead enemies. But I’m a cleric?

Where in ICRPG your the heroes right out the gate. Your already badass and slaying it on the first night. Everything just seems more epic in my opinion. This is something I hear often from my players.


Excellent episode! Thanks for your insight and enthusiasm.


Gave this one a listen. Great job!! You guys do a great job of both hyping and explaining this great system!