End of Season 3 Board for Alfheim


I keep a board for the game world documenting what happens as players drop in drop out. Three sessions in City of Grey (Imp infestation/slums demon, Kalipah insect swarms, and the Day of the Gnome Battle Armor Parade) got dropped from this board when the City of Grey specific board was broken down as they went on caravan. So turns out season 3 ran longest yet by number of episodes, at 12!

Do any of ya’ll keep such boards? What do you put on them?


And doing the maths, I just realized that I’ve gone from a few half-assed Fate Accelerated and Homebrew system attempts between 2015 and 2017, to buying ICRPG Core in late November 2017, digesting it a month or two and then…

… kind of exploding into GMing all the time. Plus, I guesstimate I’ve also introduced at least 8 people to the hobby and will be bringing another 3-4 first timers into the fold on Tuesday. All this gaming goodness wouldn’t have happened without your awesome design and fire, @Runehammer! and the support of this here community and shield wall. Thank ya’ll.


That is, in a word… impressive, to say the least. And I don’t mean the number of seasons or sessions; I mean your approach, record keeping and dedication.
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haven‘t played at least half of your sessions but indeed since i use ICRPG my Session Counter kind of explodes. And with ICRPG its so much easier to get people to try the Hobby!
That is in my Opinion one of the best things that this Game has in store for me:
Rules that i can explane in short time and then get to the table and jump into the Action


That’s superb!
Be sure to put in a pin in the farm to the east of Westburg! Trouble’s a brewin. :smiley:


Holy moly! I love how you annotated the map! It’s wonderful. May I ask how you printed it?


Wife noticed an Office Depot coupon and I combined it on a weekend with printing sales. $16 out of pocket, maybe? It was totally worth it


There was so much demand for another Bug Hunt, that as soon as we wrapped Xeno Dead Zone on Saturday night (with same drop in pre-gens as we’d used for Starship Troopers awhile back) folks were chomping at the bit to schedule next. So I guess I’m GMing space stuff now!

Here’s the low-key board I have going for what has been dubbed the “Testosterone in Spaaaaaace!” series. Have some fun ideas for at least another “guns and muscles and no feelings allowed” trilogy after this next game to fill the bottom half of the board.


amazing!!! That is how its done!!