Effort to hide and seek


While running my game tonight I was struck with the idea to have my players roll effort after their hide checks. Then use that number as an effort target for enemies to be able to see them. I felt like this was so cool, and it worked pretty well and was easy to accomplish. I have then been thinking about room and encounter design; a gm could design into their encounters a value for different things in the area that if the players rolled effort higher than they would see those things, using searching as an example. I kind of like it. I don’t know if other people have done anything similar, I have to imagine that someone has. What are people’s thoughts on this idea?


Another example from one of us was The Stealth Heart.
If you decide to sneak you’d have a Heart of Stealth and if you failed your attempt then the GM rolled the Effort of the most powerful enemy present.
Then if they heart went empty you were discovered.


I like the idea, especially in a group scenario where the party is trying to avoid detection, each player can make actions to increase their “stealth effort pool” doing different things, this would be a fun way to spice up journey encounters which are something i’ve taken from mouseguard in a very similar fashion, players have to put a certain amount of effort towards pathfinding and actively trudging through the land, its something that can be easily kept track of with a heart system and can be really interesting as a mechanic while enemies are chasing the players or vice versa.


Plz share your ways dood


Really like this. Hide and seek always feels a bit odd to me.



In other systems, I would typically use oppose checks. I guess that would work in ICRPG just as well.

Although there is something with the room target number that might work. What about this:

The NPC’s have to roll against Target, terrain, party description of actions to stay hidden etc. make that check normal, easy or difficult.

The party trying to find an NPC, the same might work. Then you can apply stat bonuses depending on how the party describes it: “As an elf kind, I tell the party to stay still and concentrate my hearing to see if I can hear another beings breathing.” or an MU might say: “I cast a Mage Ear, similar to mage eye…”


This is from the old google+ days. I have used this for my stealth encounters and it functions very well. I like your idea too. This is just an alternate idea you might also like to check out or modify.

Stealth Hearts Zine

Actually used that once! Worked like a charm!


This is a really nice one pager! Might have to try this sometime! :smile:


Such a clever idea, Thanks for sharing that.