Eccentric Collaborators Wanted



Hey folks. I’m new around here. I’ve been designing games and related content for almost two decades. It’s a persistent itch I love to scratch. Runehammer blew open my mind, and a torrent of creativity is flowing out of my quill. I’m having a pretty good time, but… it’s lonely. I do my best work collaborating with other weirdos. Is anyone out there in the same boat? I’d love to talk, give feedback on your stuff, get feedback on mine, and maybe make something awesome together.

Yia sas! (To your health!)


And to your health, dude! You have definitely come to the right place. We’re thick with lumpy headed weirdos around here. Take a tour through the resources category, lots of folks have dropped gold in there so it’s like a sample of potential creativity. I look forward to learning and sharing with you. :blush::+1: Take your first Hero Coin, muchacho. :herocoin:


you have come to the right place. we are those weirdos!!! i to am new to this system and would enjoy bouncing ideas back and forth… :vulcan_salute::herocoin:


Welcome to the club ECW! I cant wait to see what you have in store for us. Let me know if I can support you in any way… and once again… WELCOME!


Yia sas!

I’m in kind of the same boat. I love designing systems and adventures, and always do best in a good collaboration.

Some projects I’m excited about at the moment, where it would be great to have a team mate::

  • Adapting the Dark Souls setting to ICRPG.
  • Designing a magic system that’s both enticing and dangerous. Symbaroum, Call of Cthulhu and Dungeon Crawl Classics all have deep, mysterious magic that can ruin the uncautious user’s day. I’m trying to weave bits of all their awesomeness into ICRPG, in one streamlined design nugget.
  • One-shot adventures that go straight to the table. Working out how to give information in a way that’s quick and useful. I tend to love scenarios that get Weird; Great old ones and chaos rifts.

Your pacifist medic campaign sounds really cool. What else is your quill up to? We could have a chat and see if we’d fit creatively :slight_smile:

Good hunting!


Hey, welcome!

Although I haven’t been designing games as long as you (I just started last year) I’ve also noticed that I like to talk to other weirdos about game design. Most of the feedback I’ve gotten so far is a nod by the players, or even a ‘wow, this is cool’, but never really a response that is other than motivational. I would love to talk to other designers that go in-depth about the ideas we present. I also think giving feedback on stuff is often motivating and sparking new ideas in me. So count me in :smiley:

Projects I’ve been working on lately are now:

  • a d666 warlock and cultist patron table for DnD5e
  • a d666 non-combat encounter list (aimed for 5e, but useful in other settings too)
  • a list of adventuring groups my players may encounter, together with organizations they belong to.

These are quite large projects. The warlock table is almost ready and I’ve made some progress last week on the adventuring groups. As you may notice a lot of this is aimed for DnD5e, because I’m a main DM in the local 5e one shot community. I have played games of ICRPG though (through roll20), so I can also give (some) feedback on those designs.

To good health and good stories!


Thanks, everyone, for your warm welcome. I hope to get to know all of you and make cool stuff together. A lot of your ideas intrigue me.

My irons in the fire:

  • Asklepion - this is the medical missionaries idea I posted about weeks ago. I imagine it would fit well in Warp Shell.
  • Lethemancy - a sacrificial magic system at home in cosmic horror and sword & sorcery. It gives me the creeps, and that’s how I know it’s worth writing.
  • Bronze - a Conan-like setting heavily influenced by ancient Greece. The planet is a “garden,” and the titans are “gardeners.” Magic is subtle and druidic. Humans are young, untrusted upstarts.
  • Trash Island - a one-shot resulting from index card tarot. Dungeon word: Gross.

Those are the ICRPG-relevant irons. I’m also working on other game systems, adventures, and fiction.


Yia sas my friend.
Welcome to the group. Yea feel free to share any ideas. I would love to read anything, it all sounds awesome!


Is anyone free this evening for a video chat? I’m free after 6 CST.