Who in the shield wall is doing a #Dungeon23?

If you’re wondering what Dungeon23 is - its a journaling project where you build a megadungeon 1 room per day! Or read what Sean McCoy (who originated the idea) said about it

You could do 1 room a week and have a 52 room dungeon and that is still a solid size. Per Hank DoomVault 3.0 is “only” 35 rooms!

Personally I’ll be working on a variant called City23, which is - much like the name on the tin suggests - building a city rather than a dungeon. For my city I’m going to fill in Altered State’s Shinru City.

My goal is to make 12 Districts with 52 Locations (buildings, parks, etc) and 365ish Details (NPCs, rumors, events etc)


I am taking part! I plan on keeping it very chill. Just a simple room and description per day. Throw in details as needed. Definitely taking the challenge on as a creative exercise instead of trying to finish it to share (though I will for sure share what ever I end up with).

My idea for now is a combination of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks and Metroid Dread and is an extension of my entry in the One Page Dungeon Contest 2022 (I threw something together in about 36 hours and liked the idea but was not totally happy with the outcome).

Here’s the pitch: Thousands of years ago a space ship crashed into this planet leaving a huge crater. The ship was carrying The Four Grand Heretics who shall be locked in stasis until the end of time when they will be judged for their crimes by the one true god. This ship is a treasure trove of strange technology and riches. If the adventurers dare to plumb its depths they will have to traverse a decrepit and ancient facility, deal with the ships lone remaining invincible guardian (“Inspired”* by the EMMI robots from Metroid Dead) and avoid or fend off the various subterranean creatures that have burrowed into and out of the ship and crater over the centuries.

I have some ideas for later in the year but for now I am simply going to start drawing rooms and writing prompts!

  • Inspired by the EMMI robots = totally ripping off that idea.


I plan on doing something similar I had an old planner collecting dust that I figured would be perfect for this challenge. I’ve also been working on a rule set for running FIST in ICRPG so this dungeon23 challenge is a great opportunity to test out some mechanics. My idea is an expansive dungeon/extraplanar space under a small American town circa the 1980s (like a gonzo version of the upside down) for FIST operatives to explore. I’m super excited to see how it comes together and even more excited to see everyone else’s creations. I plan to post updates on my Tumblr to keep myself accountable.


Definitely doing this! I am likely going to be going more of an Old School Essentials approach, since I love dungeon crawls in old school systems. I also am taking a note from some of the whackier parts of Castle Greyhawk. “This level is just lots of pigs and wereboars. Good luck.”

Going to mesh the idea to a literal theme park as a dungeon. Kind of a jurassic park where a mad wizard gathered all of the monster manual into exhibits ,and then things go awry.

Most of the 12 items would be worlds, with weeks being exhibits or “rides,” and days being rooms, features, monsters etc in each, but I also am looking forward to turning Disney’s Utilidor System into a dungeon. Which of course would turn into a multi-level industrial mess… filled with wereboars.

Are you going to share on the forums @s5photog?


I hadn’t planned to but I can.

Here is my Day 1

Day 1 - Azumi District

Shinru Port Authority
This six story building used to be the Shinru Library but with rising sea levels was repurpose as the port authority. It still houses two levels of books.l, though due to flooding during King Tides the lower floor is left empty


Day 2

Onyx Park - named after former mayor Onyx Ray. It has a grove of Redwood trees which tower over the area


Day 3

AR/VR Glitch

The area around the Port Authority still broadcasts AR for “new” books & library events from 75+ years ago. These gltizchs include coming events


Day 4

Municipal Harbor

Both a harbor & a pier for the City. Two docks for smaller boats with elec. connections. One pier for loading and unloading city goods.


Day 5
Subway Entries
Two canopies ways to the Shinru Transit System, which still runs to some area of the city. The Night Cult often hangout in/around here as well.


Week 1 check-in for me!

I’m embracing Sean McCoy’s advice to just write and my brain wanted to figure out what was involved in traveling to the location so here are 7 approaches to the dungeon.

I’m calling it Woebegone Park. It’s a Jurassic Park - Disney World Mashup. The mad wizard gathered all of the dangerous monsters into one park and then promptly lost control. The players explore it / loot it.

I made a note to myself to do a finer tipped pen next week. :sweat_smile:


  • Old cobbles, collapsed bridge
  • Dangerous creatures in the woods.

Random Encounters (roll d6)

  1. Bandits (1d6)
  2. Owlbear
  3. Troll (1d4)
  4. Supply Caravan
  5. Rival Adventuring Party
  6. Park Staff, fleeing Woebegone Park.


  • Old growth, difficult terrain
  • Dangerous

Random Encounters (roll d6)

  1. Will-o-Wisp
  2. Giant Spider (2d6)
  3. Owlbear (1d4)
  4. Troll (2d4)
  5. Wolves (3d6)
  6. Elf Rangers


  • Take the ferry, it’s “safe!”
  • Grim dock workers and a few guards
  • Park Staff loading into ferry, fleeing
  • Easy to find someone willing to trade coin for dock supplies


  • Travel downriver by boat or raft to docks
  • Safer than road or woods

Random Encounters (d6)

  1. Giant Catfish
  2. Bandits (1d6)
  3. Fur Trappers
  4. Giant Leech
  5. Traders
  6. Abandoned river-side camp


  • Dangerous, wild, slow route

Random Encounters (d6)

  1. 2d6 Goblins
  2. 2d6 Orcs
  3. 1d4 Bugbears
  4. 1d4 Ogres
  5. Wyvren
  6. Roc


  • Entrance to UTILIDORE
  • Full of old supplies and undead former Park Staff

Random Encounters d6

  1. 2d6 Skeletons
  2. 1d6 Zombies
  3. Ghost
  4. 1d4 Ragged, frightened Park Staff survivors
  5. 1d4 Ghouls
  6. Carrion Crawler

*Rail and handcart system for supplies
*Fast and safe in vehicle
*Dangerous on foot

Random Encounters (d12)
Roll 1d12, using ROAD + DARK GLEN encounter tables, but only if walking the tracks on foot.


01.07 - Steel Falcon - a grav bike bandit know to blast thru the area & waylay vehicles on the street

:orange_heart::orange_heart: +3 DEX, +2 Weapon & Gun Effort
Nemesis Pistol & ACR-20 w/ EMP rounds


Week 2!

This week I did a park map for Woebegone Park, my megadungeon take on Disney World.

0108 - main street trading company

  • Town, such as it is
  • Basic services
  • Filled with NPC rival adventuring parties
  • Well guarded
  • “Safe”
  • Entrance to the UTILIDORE

0109 - wen staidly’s castle

  • Large castle
  • Wizard’s tower
  • Visible landmark from anywhere in park
  • Subterranean dungeon, entrance to UTILIDORE
  • Moat, Motte, Bailey

0110 - dragon thunder mountain

  • Dragon, wants to take over the park
  • Volcano
  • Kobolds & Lizardfolk
  • Dwarven Ruins, entrance to UTILIDORE
  • Fire, hot lava

0111 - king mega monkey jungle

  • Jungle Temple, entrance to UTILIDORE
  • Snake People
  • Carnivorous Apes
  • Frog People
  • Poison
  • Carnivorous Reptiles
  • Rivers, rainforest

0112 - statue of wen staidly

  • Giant statue of the missing wizard
  • Stone tablets allows teleportation back to statue “fast pass”
  • hub to many places

0113 - skull island & pirate sea

  • Pirates
  • Sea monsters
  • Fish people
  • Ships and sailing
  • Tortuga, pirate towns
  • Skull Island, dungeon, entrance to UTILIDORE

0114 - dusty bones desert

  • Sand dunes
  • Purple Worms
  • Undead, tombs, mummies
  • Pyramids, entrance to UTILIDORE
  • Cactuses


Week 2 is complete


End of Week 3 Check-in! I’m continuing to do my lumpy-headed thing, this week I did “Rival Adventuring Parties” you might encounter at Woebegone Park. Doing the megadungeon as a Disney World meets Jurassic Park, I was kind of inspired by the families or groups who all wear matching shirts in the park, plus a megadungeon tradition of encountering NPCs who are maybe after the same treasure as the heroes.


  1. Bloody Harpies
  2. Golden Shields
  3. Victorious Dogs
  4. Painted Devils
  5. Drunken Devils
  6. Rough Titans
  7. Ruthless Rats
  8. Roll 2x, encounter two rival groups interacting, roll on the NPC reaction table for how the two groups are interacting when encountered.

0115 Bloody Harpies: 4 NPCS

  • IEBA, Lawful Cleric, 1st Level. Wholly intolerant.
  • TROUDEN, Neutral Fighter, 1st Level. Afraid of stairs.
  • NESSY, Chaotic Fighter, 1st Level. Erotomaniac delusions.
  • MARDTE, Chaotic Dwarf, 2nd Level. Freely melodic.

0116 The Golden Shields: 3 NPCS

  • MERNESSY, Lawful Thief, 1st Level. Extremely incendiary.
  • OMSUR, Lawful Halfling, 3rd Level. Butterfingered.
  • OLMAR, Neutral Dwarf, 2nd Level. Wants to build an inn.

0117 The Victorious Dogs: 5 NPCS

  • TROUSARAUS, Chaotic Fighter, Level 1. Zealous.
  • NUALDEN, Chaotic Cleric, Level 3. Wears silver tiara.
  • MERBA, Chaotic Thief, Level 1. Skilled inventor.
  • BERTOR, Chaotic Thief, Level 3. “The End is Neigh!”
  • OMDAQ, Lawful Wizard, Level 4. Afraid of the other dogs, owes a debt.

0118 The Painted Devils: 5 NPCS

  • TESYOL, Neutral Thief, Level 2. Many secret loyalties.
  • MAROL, Neutral Elf, Level 3. Perfectly Coifed.
  • SURDEN, Lawful Cleric, Level 3. Allergic to everything.
  • MARTAUS, Neutral Cleric, Level 3. Has a glass eye.
  • AUSNESSY, Neutral Elf, Level 1. Melodramatic.

0119 The Drunken Devils: 4 NPCS

  • MARTROU, Lawful Wizard, Level 2. Fled an arranged marriage.
  • TEAUSUG, Chaotic Thief, Level 1. Supposedly religious.
  • IEMER, Chaotic Cleric, Level 2. Friend of the town guards.
  • TORTEMAR, Neutral Thief, Level 3. Calculating and envious.

0120 The Rough Titans: 4 NPCS

  • AUSBA, Lawful Wizard, Level 2. Generally filfthy.
  • TERSTROU, Lawful Cleric, Level 2. Overly wordy.
  • NAULMER, Neutral Fighter, Level 3. Hopeless romantic.
  • OMDY, Neutral Wizard, Level 3. Mischievous.

0121 The Ruthless Rats: 7 NPCS

  • OLMER, Lawful Halfling, Level 3. Former bartender.
  • TETROU, Lawful Wizard, Level 3. Doleful.
  • TROUMER, Neutral Fighter, Level 3. Never done honest work.
  • SYDAQ, Lawful Elf, Level 2. Greedy.
  • TEUGBA, Chaotic Cleric, Level 3. Sadist.
  • TORTORDAQ, Chatoic Wizard, Level 1. Has a huge nose.
  • UGBAMER, Lawful Dwarf, Level 1. Greedy.


Week 3!

01.15 SHARK BAY WHARF - this once shining beacon of tourism & commerce has been abandoned by retail & travelers for a half-dozen decades or more. Burnt husks & broken glass are almost all that remains.

01.16 CONTINENTAL HOTEL - a luxury hotel previously known for impeccable service & style. The building has been boarded up for a generation but occasionally lights can be seen inside.

01.17 SEA NOODLES - Jin Zahra’s fishing boat & floating noodle house. Jin moves around the various docks of Shinru delivering tasty food as they do.

01.18 MIRAGE MEDICS - A Crew of for-hire medical personal who roam the city in a retrofitted ambulance. Their base is a former high end car dealership

01.19 SHARK BAY SWIM - during summer Shark Bay live sup to its name as various breeds of shar arrive for their migration thru the oceans.

01.20 An ally, Avery Forgrave, has gone missing & this was the last known location. In 3 rounds a squad of six commandoes (AS pg 41) will descend on the site. Target is 12.

01.21 HIGGS FACTORY - Ruins of a science museum, now refuge for those with nowhere else to go. Scavengers are often seen picking thru what little remains in the wreckage.


Just replying to challenge folks! Post your Dungeon 23! If you got started late, that’s cool too! Jump aboard the train now!

There’s no wrong answers here. If you look back through my posts I drew a “hexagon” with 8 sides, and if you look at the pictures I posted there’s lost of smudges, cross outs, and redos.

Let’s journal into the future folks! @s5photog thanks for prompting us!


Week 4 is complete!

a massive building of glass and steel which still houses the very active Tu-Xing Corp. They make all sorts of biotech and are rumored to have developed the source of what was dubbed “cyber plague”.

01.23 Remnants of a monitoring camp for those with the cyber plague. Little left save a few tents & port-a-potties. Though some say you can hear the screams echoing in the night of those that were kept in the camp

One of the few active subway stops outside of Civil Center, which always has Corp guards posted throughout to keep the trains running.

Not your typical corp security, these folks have biomods! +3 all rolls, ignore first 3 damage from all attacks, psychic attacks are HARD. Use DNA rounds (AS pg 19)

01.26 BEIJING COMMONS A mixed use development that has managed to survived as many residents work for Tu-Xing Corp, which means steady payments & very little trouble.

A long empty landmark of Shinru’s entertainment scene, yet the marquee still hums to life every night.

01.28 Overland transit still runs thru the area though with armour plating & transit police onboard. Occasionally the Shinru Transit Authority hires runners to protect VIPs


Better late than never!! :sweat_smile:

0122 - Main Park entrance. Large gate, wide enough for two-wagon traffic, locked at night, always guarded.

0123 - Gate House. Large fort oversees gate. 5-6 stories. Garrison/barracks. Dungeon/Jail. Captain Wren: Captain of the guard, 9th level figther, lawful.

0124 - Malbonon Tavern & Inn. On site accomodations. Food, drink. Mercenaries. Rival adventurers. Innkeep: Bugbear named Kasita, “reformed,” she leads a staff of goblins.

0125 - Cyclops Arms. Smith, armorer. Weapons, tools. The smith is a Cyclops named Clyde. Makes stuff by day. Eats people who don’t pay up.

0126 - Weird Sisters Apothecary. The weird sisters are a hag coven: Chistina, Jia, Malbena. Potions, scrolls, wands, staves. Offer strange bargains for folks who are low on coin.

0127 - Multifaith Temple. Generic, priest willingly ministers to all. Graveyard for fallen adventurers and hirelings. Willing to raise the dead, for a price. Unscrupulous Chaotic Cleric named Tedaq who is in it for the coin.

0128 - Woebegone Park Souvenirs. Sells park souveniers, portraits, basic adventuring gear (general store). Front for the thieves guild.

This is basically Main Street Disney. The idea is it will function like your safe town / hub. That said, I figured as the park staff have fled the park, some enterprising monsters have moved in and are more than willing to help foolish adventuring parties out for some coin or other rewards. The only part of the park fully under control of the original staff is the Gatehouse, who keep the peace for the sake of your characters who desperately need a long rest.


Week 5 done. Staidly Wen’s castle sits in the middle.of the park, it’s visible from anywhere in the park for orientation / way finding.

Mix of Cinderella 's castle and the haunted house.

0129 - staidly’s tower. Inner sanctum, chick full of wizard loot. Sealed, trapped, guarded, dangerous.

0130 - castle main keep. Great hall, staidly’s chambers, throne room, Treasury, barracks. Ursula Nightshade, vampire queen, wante to get into staidly’s sanctum, squatting in the castle.

0131 - fortified tower. Biggest castle turret. Secured, defensible. Dungeon entrance, utilities entrance. Crawling with Ursula’s undead.

0201 - defenses. Most, deep, dangerous critters. Earthen fortification, walls difficult to climb, towers, murder holes, arrow slits. Undead crossbowmen, ballistae.

0202 - drawbridge. Way across most, main gate, stairs to bailey, we’ll defended, skeletal crossbowmen.

0203 - Bailey. Patrolled, defended. Access to main keep and fortified tower. Exposed to defenders above.

0204 - utilidore and lower levels. Connection to the utilidore. Castle foundations create large dungeon. Opening to abyssal under dark.


I love the illustrations on these, so good!