Dungeon World moves


Moves are the gasoline that fuels Dungeon World. Runehammer now has DW move cards on Drivethrurpg. High octane fuel for your DW game. :grin::sunglasses:


What now?

Edit: ah I worked it out.


Here’s a link:



Here’s the link to Sage LaTorra’s blog post, a 16hp Dragon. Great read.


Interesting. Been playing some PbtA games for a few weeks now.

World of Dragons is a rules lite version of dungeon world. I have been playing Offworlders with a group, which is a sci fi setting version. Also just finished reading Ironsworn, which is a more maximalist system using PbtA.

These 3 systems are free on Drivethru.

I would recommend playing at least 1 PbtA system, it is very healthy to have a different perspective on RPG systems.

Key Tennant’s:

  • Attempts never fail, instead they give you different degrees of success, from achieving your goal, to it going wrong and something negative happening
  • Problems should be approached and resolved through fiction first, then dice mechanics
  • GM doesn’t role the dice. Instead the harm to your player comes from the negative effect on a low success roll
  • Gear/equipment aren’t mechanically distinctive, a knife and a sword do the same damage, but narratively you could hide the knife.
  • Increasingly the trend in PbtA games are not providing a rigid setting, instead you build your world and fill out with allies/enemies as you go, at the table, with your players. The idea is that the players can then be involved in world building. This might just be the games I have been looking at though.