Dungeon Room Connector Random Table



So, I’ve been enjoying Shadowdark’s dungeon generation tables, which had tables for the rooms, but nothing for the halls, corridors, and ducts which connected them. I went to Maze Rats, which has so many good tables, but discovered a similar absence of connecting structure generation… in the Maze section, but I found actionable inspiration in the City section under Tactical Street Features. After generating a dungeon which connects rooms through aqueducts, catwalks, and a canal I was inspired to create my own supplementary D6x6 tables. I hope you find these inspiring, and I hope they add a texture and depth to the geography of your dungeons which increases the variety of challenges and a sense of wonder at the table. Enjoy!


This sounds right up my alley, I’ll check it out!


Just for fun, I rolled up a 5 room dungeon using these, Shadowdark, and Maze Rats.

I got the Crypt of the Abandoned Lands, final resting place of the Blessed Skull of Thundering Death.

It is an unsafe tomb beginning in a trapped (large, mechanical - giant magnet) candle maker’s with fading murals

connected by a bloody catwalk to…

a cavern with chalk marks and a minor enfeebling magic hazard (hazard roll from Maze Rats was “acid drip”, so I was thinking the drip of some material is enfeebling in some way - maybe wax, or magically freezing water)

connected by a dripping ridgeline (maybe make this part of the hazard above, or maybe just slippery) to a…

banquet hall strewn with bones with a sturdy mechanical trap (rolled another magnet, with a kill trigger)

connected by a mosaic decorated ferry to a…

“empty” laboratory with vines

connected by a tarred pipe to a…

shrine with hidden treasure.

Good inspiration all round, I think. If you want to Jaquays the map, when rolling the dice on the paper, I roll for connections between rooms, and might keep most of the connections mundane (I use a D6, even connects rooms, odd, they are not connected, 6 is secret door).