Dungeon Map gen


Thought this might be of use to some.


I love a good dungeon. Crawler for life. :raised_hands:


This is a really nice generator, thanks for posting this!


Very elegantly done on mobile, too. You just tap the map and it regenerates. Pretty darn cool!


Hmmm with that comment I am guessing you don’t know of this creators much more developed city map.


Super cool, dude! Stories jump out with every new city.


Super cool indeed! I’ve struggled with making city maps for my campaigns because of the amount of work it is to produce something good, this will work well fro me!


Yes, though a lot of editing abilities where added to it (City designer) since I really used it last (other than to play around with the tool vs using the tool to play around with friends) I used it as a concept for the city the characters where in…not so much a city map. But it only was one adventure. I was enamored with the site since then and watched it evolve over time.

He has experimented with a tank builder somewhere. It makes cute Cartoony tanks.

So ya, great resource to have in the back pocket, but shouldn’t be a crutch to some creative design.