DUNGEON in a SUITCASE - For the GM on the go (and everyone else)



This is super rad! I think I have a future project now.


coolness levels OFF THE CHART


This is so dope! I think what I’m digging / is inspiring me ---- it’s like KonMari method D&D. :smiley:



This idea is amazing. Like you, I don’t play at home very much and I want a cool setup. I have a 3D printer for making minis and terrain, but it can actually get paralyzing with how many options there are for what you can make. I have a few chests, tables, chairs, and loot piles that I can use generically, but I am definitely going to take some ideas from you and make it my own.

Amazing work. :herocoin:

Edit: By chance, would this be the 18x6x13in case from Harbor Freight? Seriously looking at building this after seeing yours.


It’s not from Harbor Freight, as we don’t have that store in Denmark. But the dimensions seem right. :+1:




Wow, that is inspirational. Very compact, but also very comprehensive, I might have to look to make something like this.


Very nice! One of my long term projects that hasn’t made it out of the planning stage is to make a 6mm or 10mm convention ready dungeon crawl set up


That is absolutely amazing. That is epic level dungeon crafting. Take a hero coin :herocoin:


Totally, freakin’ AWESOME! Inspiring - and thanks for all of the details on the contents.