With the assistance of @Chuck_Lemons, I’ve put together some UI images and ZONE tiles to get that old school dungeon crawler feel to my Roll20 games.


This easy to set up UI image pack can have you crawling through dungeons with style in no time.


These Fantasy Zone Tiles allows you to quickly set up any encounter space by using ZONES. Simply lay down a few tiles to represent the encounter space, slap on a few key terrain features, and you’re good to go.

What are ZONES?

A single ZONE represents the space a character can interact in. Spend an action to move from one ZONE to the next, or make a run for it, to cover even more ZONES.

No more counting squares on a grid. No more spending hours to set up your VTT game. Get ready in minutes.


UI FILES: You get 6 different colored backgrounds as high resolution JPEG files for maximum looks and lowest file size, as well as a guide on how to set them up so you can change color at the click of a button.

ZONE TILES: You get 9 high resolution PNG and JPEG files to use in any VTT, and a guide on how to set them up with the Dungeon Crawler UI, so you can change tiles at the click of a button. No more dragging and dropping maps and assets.

If this interests anyone, they’ve just gone up on DriveThruRPG, complete with a PDF guide on how to set it up for quick and easy play.

Check it out here…

The Package just got updated with a new UI background and 2 new tiles. This is what the new bits look like in action:


55% sold. I honestly would like to see these assets make a mini old school dungeon that seemed simple and straightforward.

In reality I’ll probably purchase this, but interested in your presenting it in a more interesting way.


More to the point, purchased and it seems fun and interesting enough that I might run it. But still interested in a better sales pitch.


Thanks for the purchase :beer:

Yeah, I didn’t plan on doing much of a sales pitch. It’s really just a fun little project we did for our own games.
And since I’m putting it on DriveThru, I couldn’t really do some cool setups as examples without using other people’s assets. I mostly use 2minute Table Top assets to fill the maps. And raid Google & Pinterest for scene images and maps.

But I see what you mean. I might do a few setups and add as images here. But they’re not going on DriveThru for licensing reasons.

We’re running this setup in Keep on the Borderlands tomorrow, so I’m gonna grab some cool screens from that game and post here.


Oh man this b e a utiful


I really need to see a quick video of this in action


I agree with this. A short little video of this in Play would I think sell this a Lot more.


I have no idea how to do a video :rofl:


If you are windows user try to hit “win+g” to access gaming overlay. In top left corner, there’s record button. You simply choose what window would you like to film and viola, no external software needed!


This is great. Already run my games in a similar fashion, but they don’t look nearly as presentable. Good work.


You learn something new every day. I will definitely use that feature tomorrow to make a little video of it in play. :beer:


Purchased. I like the idea abs look forward to seeing how it plays out. Thanks.


This looks awesome.

Have you tried it on roll20? Astral?

Are there any specific assets you would suggest to integrate with this? ie - terrain, tokens, monsters, etc

I am definitely going to buy this!!


It’s built for Roll20, and the PDF guide explains how to set it up in Roll20. I’m sure you can use it in other vtt’s too.
I use 2 minute table top assets, but plan on doing some of my own.


I purchased your UI and noticed the instructions. They are great and actually showed me some new roll20 tricks. I havent had a chance to play around with it (definitely tonight)

I started looking at the 2 minute table top assets - wow tons of stuff there.

Have you tried integrating the ICRPG volume 1 and 2 cards with the UI? I am curious to see how you would suggest integrating those.


I actually have. Just set them up like the zone tiles.
Sure the artwork gets a litle distorted by converting to 350x350, but not much.
However, with that many Index cards, you’re either going to get very large tokens (layer wise) or you need to categorise your tokens some way.
But it’s absolutely doable.

And remember, the background UI image is really just designed to be a visual place holder to spice up the otherwise ‘meh’ whiteness of Roll20. You don’t have to conform to the 9 square grid for zone tiles.
Drop down a large scene image and go nuts.
Drop down a battle map and play like you use to.
Put down a large empty dungeon floor and go all UDT.
Or drop down them index cards and have fun.
Make a complete mess of it, and say ‘no’ when your mom asks you to clean it up :grin:
Use it how you will. In the end, it’s your game, and you should do what works for you :beer:


I have been reading other forum posts, and I am very intrigued by Dungeon Draft (https://dungeondraft.net/) and Wonder Draft (https://www.wonderdraft.net/)

These seem like they will fit all of my mapping needs. Just wanted to give a heads up for anyone else looking for mapping resources. I am not at all artistically inclined, buy these seem super easy to use.


This is so friggin sweet. I love seeing how folks run their games since no two are alike. Very nice work, and thanks for sharing it!


This is brilliant @Chuck_Lemons @Meadbeard great job!


Another +1 for a video by someone please. I exclusively use MapTool as a VTT so would like to see if I could use it in that.