Dry Spells and Creativity



I recently posted a project I finished related to XDZ, the first creative project I’ve worked on in some time. COVID and depression has affected most if not all of us in various ways, and one for me has been creative desolation and isolation from what has been traditionally an incredibly supportive and an abundantly creative community.

Over the last 3 years, I have struggled with starting, let alone finishing a project. The positive reception of what has been my only completed project in that time has been moving. I thought I might take the time to share some of the other things I have worked on in this time in the hopes to help others who may be struggling with similar issues.


Something my wife and I got into at the beginning of the pandemic was Gloomhaven. Our characters’ journey inspired me to do something I hadn’t done in forever, pencil and paper drawing.


Something else I hadn’t done in years was put a story idea down in words. I have no idea if I will ever actually write it, but maybe it will inspire a far more capable wordsmith than myself (no idea if link will work).

Project Kardashev

Xeno Dead Zone

Like I’ve shared in a previous post, the most recent thing I’ve done is kit-bash a color print version of XDZ.

Stay creative my friends!


I saw the title of this, and I literally thought “dry spells” was a category of magic :sweat_smile:

Hang in there, man. You’re doing great!


The past few years have been hard on a lot of us for many different reasons, so glad to see you creating again!


How are you so good at drawing from the start? It looks great, I’m jealous! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Keep up the great work!


@BlazingPolyhedron haha if only I was that good from the start. Sure I did doodles in high school but I’ve only been drawing since about 2016.

And trust me, it was not always that good lol. Practice, help from others (@Runehammer was the best art teacher I’ve ever had) and references, my friend!


It certainly has been a challenging time for many folks. I completely understand the creative desolation and isolation bundled with depression as I have struggled with that myself. However, what I see when I scroll through your work is that there is a lot of love there! I think sometimes we set expectations of how things “should” be with our creative output or connection but the reality is that we are human. The important part is just to go easy on ourselves and have fun with the process when we can. I think you are on a good track and know that you always have the good folks here who will appreciate what you are doing!

Keep moving forward! And keep those dice rollin!


@rpgerminator you are absolutely right. I think this is part of the reason I finished the XDZ project but still haven’t published anything officially in years. I put too much pressure on myself when creating things that I hope others will enjoy instead of creating for the sake of creating. Honestly, making something that I can’t publish myself was oddly freeing and enjoyable, a feeling I haven’t felt in over a year.


Looking good my man.