Dragonmeat for Dragonmeet!


I was hoping to run ICRPG at Dragonmeet in London this year, and an idea I had a few years ago and never went forward with was an adventure called Dragonmeat.

The basic idea was that an old dragon had died and the word got out that its lair was unoccuppied and lots of treasure was there for the taking. But… some kobolds had started eating the flesh of the dragon and now they had gained some draconic powers, put on a lot of muscle, grown horns and wings and so on.

I guess it’s a dungeon with the dragon’s treasure hoard there all right, but lots of kobolds with random powers running around.

Has anyone else run ICRPG for new players at a convention? Just looking for thoughts and ideas about this really.


I have. The biggest piece for me is having pregens for folks. That way, all you have to explain is that the game is roll a d20, add your applicable bonus, and meet or beat this (clearly displayed) target number. With that, you’re off to the races. I had copies of the QuickStart available for folks to reference (though no one had to) and to take with them at the end.

Your idea sounds like a fun one. Get some greedy adventurers together and spring the trap on them! Maybe the dragon isn’t dead after all … or it had a mate/sibling/child that is now back home. Be a terror to behold for a one shot and roll headlong into that major peril! Maybe even have some innocents who are in major trouble — the foolhardy people that showed up. That’s the best advice I have.


@Shadymutha made some great convention character sheets…older version of the rules, but easy.

Character Sheet for Conventions/Local Shops