Down in the Dark



Awesome, looking forward to it!


Howdy guys,
I’m hoping to get to play with you all tonight. I have a errand to run after work a town over so it’s up in the air at the time. It shouldn’t take more then a hour. But if you’ll have me that’ll be great!


Okay so I will not be able to join sadly the trip is going to take longer then I thought :confused:


No worries, man. Plenty more games on the horizon. I’ll get you in a game for sure. :+1::+1:


How did it go? :smile:


I thought it was fantastic! But I’m biased, hehe. I’ll leave it to the players to judge. :blush:


the game was a lot of fun. rocks were punched, and lots of fire… lol


Fun game and the party was certainly creative in their approach to problem solving :wink:


Definitely some bright ideas. Haha


we could not get away with that in a small folk game. just dwarfs