Down in the Dark



Who 2-4 Dwarves
What 8 Points, Standard Gear, Extra Heart, 1 Milestone
When December 30th @ 6pm Pacific
Where Roll20
Why well the other day Jason Scranton brought up running an all Dwarf game and I’ve been reading Veins of the Earth so…

“Miners heard a noise, they stopped hammering, but someone else did not. Now there is a space they did not make in the wall of the mine between the props and the vein is mined out from the other side.” -from Veins of the Earth

Eight miners are missing and presumed dead, four others are injured and when asked what happened they only weep. This assault cannot go unanswered. Be sure to bring plenty of light.


Modified Rules for cave exploration

Equipment limit of 10 total.

1 Supply equals d6 Tool Usage for lamp oil. Usage Die is rolled every “hour” and degrades on a 1 or 2.

Armor bonus from Armor Worn adds to Target for Climbing and some Movement.

Carrying a Lamp takes 1 hand.


Woah awesome!!
I hope you get some players for this amazing idea.
Makes me want to run a “Dude, where’s my cart?” with all dwarves cast! :joy::thinking:


ill play if you’ll have me


I was all set to dust off my Roll20 and figure out webcam/mic stuff but then realized I’m actually GMing at table same time. But I woulda made a helluva dwarf!


Oh my Gods that’s hilarious! :joy::joy: This might be next! Hahahaha


If the day and time are hinky I can always push it to a different day. :blush: I’m pretty open for day and time.


you know me. i get off work at 5pm. need 15-20 minutes to get home.


Looks like 2 folks so far. Still plenty of room if folks want to get into a game this Sunday evening at 6pm Pacific.

@Lakins and a buddy from Facebook are gearing up to face the peril. Come on in folks, there’s danger and adventure in the depths of the earth!


i dont know anyone outside of this group to pull in for the game. i have a few coworkers that might be down. let me touch base with them and see if they are free sunday

maybe @Jason_Scranton or @Alex might like to play vs DM lol.


Gah so want to, but 3 AM :cry:


Can’t make it. I’m out of town.


worth a shot. :grin:


I’d love to join Joe!


hell yeah… lets Dwarf this up


Shield Wall!
Call to Adventure!

Need a pickup game or have some time tonight at 6pm Pacific? There’s no better time than now to join Jason and Gary as they venture into the black underground in search of who or what breached the Dwarven mines from below.

All are welcome, begginer to veteran.


@Radzuxe here is the link


Ahoy!! May I join this party? Would love to play!


Of course, @Nickster! Happy to have you! :blush:

We’re going all Dwarf tonight. 8 points, standard gear, extra heart, and 1 Milestone of choice.


Nickster… hows it going. my buddy is making a cleric, im a monk-ish type, jason is a scout.