Double-Sided Multi-Target Table Aid


Hey guys,

I’ve been struggling with showing the target on my table. I don’t like the readability of a D20 (especially upside-down). Having multiple Cards in stands leads to juggle too many things around.

To solve this, I was brainstorming with @c_oyote and have built a table aid.

I layout the targets (ranging 6-20) in a printable PDF: straight lines are meant to be cut, dashed lines are for folding. Basically, it’s all about printing, cutting, glueing. The base is some cerial box cardboard shaped into a triangle. Then I used a regular hole puncher and some wool to assemble it.

Hope that’s useful!



Assembly Photos:

Finished craft:


Oh, that’s super awesome. Great work! Love to see crafts on here!!!


reminds me of the Dark Sun flip books!


Aaah! I was about to say this! Nice catch!


From the simple, hey we have a 5 bucks solution for the visable target problem AC_SY580

You go the distance and make an even more awesome version from scratch :muscle: