DOOMVAULT!!! In this one shot you’ll be pitted against the evil Ogdru Brotherhood who is trying to bring forth an eldritch horror to slay the 3 Kings of Ire. Do you have what it takes to survive and save the world? Using ICRPG and Owlbear Rodeo. Don’t know how to play - have no fear, I’ll brief you up on the changes and have blank and pre-generated character sheets available! Get ready to dive into the DOOMVAULT!

Reply here or send me a message on Discord: Deathbare#9734


This sounds awesome, I would love to be a part of this! I have not yet used Owlbear Rodeo and am interested to see how it works.


Would that be 8pm on Friday?
I’m interested in joining this game.


Awesome, just hit me up in the Discord and I’ll invite you to my channel. Discord will be the primary communication means - love to have you!


Yes will be 8pm Eastern Standard Time. Message me on Discord and I’ll invite you to my channel. Love to have you!


You are only accepting messages on Discord from friends, so I sent a friend request. I’m MJB.


I don’t know if I have what it takes to save the world or amything but Im pretty interested in finding out! I’d like to be apart


Pardon my ignorance of time, but would this be
7 o’clock central standard time?


I’m pretty sure, central is an hour behind Eastern. Hope that helps!


Hit me up on the Discord and I’ll link you to my channel! Cheers!


Oops. Didn’t see the 8 EST time. Yah that would be 7 central. I will be sending a Discord message.


I couldnt seem to get your name to pop up, so I sent you a friend request, My name is DryScythe


Friend request sent!


Alright folks - if everyone shows up that has said they would that’ll max me out for participation. Feel free to add you name to the hat though, life does happen and folks might drop.