DOOMVAULT beginning/intro


Just wondering a good intro/start to the DOOMVAULT adventure! It gives a good description of the city in the book, but I feel like the party “being recruited” wouldn’t be a very high energy start! Any ideas?


My 2 cents, recently ran a DOOMVAULT pbp…

I think you can tailor it to the familiarity you have with the group, and the groups experience.

If you are learning, lesser experienced, consider a start that will ease you in.
Perhaps a simple scene to get you making some actions, or giving you quick opportunity to make some bonds?
This could be considered a low energy start, but I would progress it quickly…
– I did this… “Convince the night’s guard at the gates to allow passage to the catacombs - your recruitment papers lost…”
Set the pace/momentum you want from the start.
2 fast rounds - roll some CHA.
quick convince - see the emissary, give em a few extra goodies to start
or deceive/find another way in - go straight to Hag’s roost or Catacombs/Sewers.

If you are more seasoned, and your group are all keen to get into the action, I’d jump right in with something dangerous… Have your band already good to go with a few reasons for the characters to be delving together or as a group.

Tomb Robbers?
Sewer Cleaners?
Artifact Seekers?
Crusaders against Ogdru
or, Defenders of the Realm - recruited by the emissary?

Hope it helps,