Do Wildlings use the Ultimate Effort bonus or Basic Effort bonus



Wildlings get: “Hillman’s Belt: (Always roll ULTIMATE when doing Basic Effort)”
Do they use their Basic Effort bonus, Ultimate Effort bonus, or both?


This was discussed once here if that helps. ICRPG rules clarification


For the question at hand I would say either or depending on what bonus is highest


These links are broken.


Not sure what you mean, when I click it, it takes me to a thread talking about this subject where Runehammer has some input as well.

There are old G+ links within that thread that are most likely broke as that site went under, but there are a couple answers supplied in the thread.


One is listed GMGrizzly is listed as unsecure by Chrome. I couldn’t open the old Google+ community posts which makes sense but doesn’t help answer the question.


Oh I see, maybe because I’m on Firefox or something then. Okay, I hope your other post is getting good responses then :slight_smile: