DM Cheat Sheet


I created a DM Cheat Sheet for myself. I wanted a Timer Dice tracker and a HP tracker for my bad guys. Some quick reference guides for names and places. And if I really needed to look something up I had a page number. I also added the Mapless Maze Generator. I cannot remember who had it on a character sheet but I borrowed the distance gauge too.

That blank spot, on my personal version I have several Core 2 ICRPG monsters that are only available in the book or PDF. You will need to add your own. I don’t really care to use a screen but if you do I suppose you could rearrange this or use it to create your own.


Master Edition GM Cheat Sheet?
Slow Friday afternoon one shot!

@DMChef Very nice DM sheet, thanks for sharing with us :herocoin:


Love the mapless maze maker!


This is cool. I shall be using this, good job


As someone just starting out this will be very useful. Thank you for sharing it.


I like the ideas you’ve added for hanks maze generator. It’s makin’ my brain juices flow… On to a brainstorm session!


I use it all the time. It is a fun way to play without any planning. Or it’s a good way to have an adventure between areas of a game.

I am going to put up a One Page sheet that is more detailed. Like I did for my WW2 mod. Keep an eye out.


Will do! I’m excited already


Ok, I’m so stealing this.