I’m interested to see what kind of LOOT everyone has come up with.

Mine is basically a squid grenade.

Drop your favorite piece of diy loot in the comments!


I think there is actually a Warp Shell Loot that lets loose a Giant Tentacle.

  • Moogle’s Book: Field, Write your name Once and save yourself in that moment, if you die return exactly as you were


Space Anchor Amulet (sister amulet of the Time Anchor from our Hellbound game). You cannot be forced to move for any reason, including gravity.


Zombinated Gerblin Head: This wormy head was probably always ugly, but continues to yammer loudly in its native language–apparently unaware that it has lost its body. It smells awful and is deeply disturbing, but it makes a good distraction. When tossed among a group of appropriate enemies (some kinds of foes just don’t react with the right kind of revulsion to a trinket such as this) even in the middle of a combat, all foes immediately lose track of what they were doing and may be attacked by the player party as if it were a surprise attack. Whereupon you should treat the encounter as if it were a brand new fight resolving initiative as appropriate.


So… Throw onto the ground, all near enemies are stunned for 1 Round?
Going by raw core rules that is.


Still new to the rules so what kinds of status effects the game uses are still a little beyond me–is that how stunned works? I envision it as basically restarting the encounter right in the middle of things with the assumption that the players have the drop on them and a free attack.

As far as how that shakes out in specific rules, I’d say if there’s a mechanic that reflects that concept well then…YEAH! Do that!


Hehehe… now I want to make a Gargoleth in a bottle :smiling_imp: