DIY Flat Plastic Minis



I had the idea to try playing with some thermal lamination to try replicating “Flat Plastic Miniatures…”

I think this is more trouble than it’s worth though…


Looks cool, though. And durable.


All my ICRPG Minis look like those😂and yeah it was a hell of a day cutting those minis


I’m not at home, therefore I can’t take pictures but what I do is, I print colored minis on photo paper, fold them in two and glue a thick card stock in the middle. Then I cut them to shape and stick them into my custom made bases. They are extremely durable and shiny. I’d guess this is not really any different than what you are doing but cutting card stock should be easier than cutting laminated minis.

For black & white minis, I’d print them on thick card stock directly and fold them and glue them. B&W minis don’t need the shine, so they don’t need the photo paper treatment. Actually you can skip the photo paper altogether to do less work.


I have been on the fence about trying some of this:

It may be thick enough to stand up for a small mini, or it may not. And I’m also thinking that having a clear overlay to put on my maps for like fire, rubble, poison gas clouds, etc would be cool. Sooner or later I’ll catch a deal at the hobby lobby and do some experimenting.


hm, thats an interessting idea to have some map overlays