Diversity and Beer


Hey Shields. The other night I talked some shop with @Paxx. He helped me polish an encounter for my game, and his ideas were golden.

During our discussion it became clear we had differences of opinion on real-life stuff. We discussed them calmly, rationally, like adults. We agreed to disagree on some things, and found common ground on others. At the end of the day we are two people who want what’s best for our world, and who share a kick-ass hobby.

My home group thinks a lot like I do. Sometimes it’s like an echo chamber. Talking with Paxx challenged me to examine my beliefs, and exposed me to a different point of view. This is healthy. It allows me to find my reasons for believing what I believe, and possibly even revise my beliefs to be closer to the truth and my values. It also allows me to find empathy and understanding for the people who hold different beliefs. In diversity lies strength.

I bring this up because I think it’s important to remember - in a polarized world - that friends can disagree, be respectful, and still cover each other with our shields thigh-to-neck. I am not suggesting we tolerate intolerance - down that road lies oppression. I am suggesting it’s healthy to explore opinions different from our own, and appreciate the people who hold them.

Ultimately, that diversity made my encounter much more interesting.

Strength, Honor, and Beer.


Tolerating the “intolerant” is the basis for free speech, if someone shuts down a conversation because it does not please them makes them the bigot. People must rationalize, value the strength of arguments and convince others rather than virtue signal that “they don’t like bad people”, implying that there are groups of people that must be disliked and hated based on details such as opinions. Opinions are just like skin color, sexuality and the rest. I wanted to specify that, because we see too much oppression based on difference of opinions, nowadays. Especially from those who think themselves enlightened. That is all.


If a conversation is happening, about any topic, I want that conversation to continue. It might be best to take that conversation elsewhere, depending on the topic and venue, but the conversation itself fosters empathy and growth for everyone involved. That’s exactly the point of my post :slightly_smiling_face:

By not tolerating intolerance, I meant more like hate speech, hurtful jokes, bullying, etc., none of which I’ve seen in the Runehammer community. I wrote that line to clarify that was not what @Paxx and I discussed.