Distilling the basics



I’m developing a distilled set of random tables for my own uses in solo play, group play, and worldbuilding. Thought I’d see what others thought of what I’ve got so far.

This is what I have cobbles together so far.
The origin of this project is building a solo engine that works the way I want it to. But, do with this, what you want.

Ps. Some of the stuff in here is a copy/paste from other product. Concepts that I aim to recapture or reconfigure.


Those look pretty complete!

  • May I recommend that you look over Maze Rats, Court tables from Godbound, and the book Sixteen Sorrows for inspiration? They are my go-to!
  • Another suggestion would be to, as an addition to tables, a generic set of questions to know on which table to roll or to generate an interesting story/situation? Food for thought!
  • The only issue I may have with rolling on so many tables, is cross-referencing them all during play: perhaps add in-document links to related tables to quickly move between them?

Aside from that, great work!


Mazerats is one of my Go-tos aswell. I’ll have to check out the other two you mentioned.

I have plans on adding some sort of treasure/loot generator.

Then I’m wanting to compile it all into a Zine that will pair with a solo engine Zine that I have in the works.



Great work here. I have posted a few random tables that you might find useful, here are some links.

(more in comments of this post)



Thanks for the link! I will definitely take a look.


For random tables as reference and inspiration, I would recommend Renegade Crowns from Fantasy Flight’s Warhammer Fantasy RPG 2nd Ed line, and for monsters, Goodman Games’ Random Esoteric Creature Generator. I have a pretty large set of tables for random fantasy/medieval professions, and a set of charts for relationships to NPCs.

I think you have a good set of tables, though I might prefer them to be a little less prescriptive, and a little more evocative. Other than that, I would just make little changes: ‘lifeform’ or ‘ancestry’ instead of ‘race’, and at least one more gender.

This is a great start, and I’m certain if you keep working at it, you can develop a really cool toolbox for world building. Rock on!