Good thinking you guys, added Loot/Gear disruption to the list.


Immunities? Enemy can only be hurt by X, enemy takes half damage from Y, enemy can’t be hurt at all until Z is dealt with…


That’s a disruption if it is unexpected. If known, or think it might be the case…not a disruption.


“Unexpected requirements to overcome” ???


That would include…
Destroy x before damaging y
Must use McGuffin
What do you mean magic weapons heal it?
It can only be killed while the sun is shining, but not visible in the sky???
Only silver can damage it
Only fire can damage it…

But I don’t like it as a title.


It is a little embarrassing how excited I am to see your updated tables. Please tag me when you post!


PDF Download:

I thought it would be fun to compile this amazing thread into a PDF and then I tacked on a worksheet template for anyone who wants to practice planning out disruptions at their various levels.


D00D @KaneDriscol! You are ON POINT with these PDFs today!


Amazing work, @KaneDriscol!


This is amazing dude. Nice job and thank you.


Thanks, @Lon, @Andreas, @Delusions! It’s an awesome topic and I really enjoyed trying to find a creative use for it and I’d love any feedback or suggestions for other PDFs.

Hopefully, the worksheets are helpful for anyone trying to get familiar with Disruption and eventually the other 3 D’s. I know that when I started tuning my encounters with those elements, the table experience rose to a whole new level.


You might want to post this on its own thread or otherwise.

It is kind of buried here.

Oh, excellent work.



I’m not finding Hanks talk about the Three D’s if anyone can find a link…pretty please, I’ve totally forgotten what he labeled as duration.



I haven’t forgotten you, @Lon. Here is a picture of my old tables. I’m working on an update as we speak. Want to help?