lol nice, yeah that swapping success and failure would take some thought on explaining it. Something magical for sure

I did run an encounter where a demon swapped all the player characters bodies around. I said hand your character sheet to the person to your right.


That’s awesome. Or you use the modifiers of the person to the right with your character. The fighter suddenly becomes smart and weak. Have it shift every round or when the players interact with an object causing it mid encounter.

Lots of good ideas you guys, I appreciate the brainstorming collaboration. That’s why I lurk here. The deeper RPG thinking is what draws me here.


I agree, this community on these forums never cease to amaze me with all their posts.



getting harder to think of broad disruption

but how about random target disruption.

I cast firebolt but who it hits is now random.


Actually that could be pretty good if You have a party who is good about focus firing a single target. Nice thinking.


Oldie, but goodie…Identity disruption.

Players see each other as enemies Or at least as threats. Be it charm, or other aspects like illusion or transformations.
Or doppelgängers.


For lack of a better phrase, activatable disruption? Neutral elements of the setting that can become problems if the players interact the wrong way. The classic example being “don’t shoot into the crowd of villagers?”


Great one Pablo, added it.


Another great one, innocents mixed in the fray can disrupt for sure. Will add this.


I think this would be “restricted situation” or a form of nullification.
Anti magic area, vs anti rage weapon array (the crowd of villagers)
But puzzle/traps, might fall into activatable disruption. Pillars are powering up, but if not destroyed in the right order, X happens…depending on the destroyed pillar.

Or, fastest way out is through the black powder room…any step can cause a spark!!!

Removing the god head from the altar…triggers a trap…I’m thinking this is covered, but it might not be.


Pablo, one of my one shot plans I’ve yet to execute involves identity disruption where the players randomly swap their character sheets after the first timer, then back after the next.

I have a feeling that it will be a pants-shittingly awesome moment in one shot history…


LOL…as always comes down to execution and group dynamics.

I was leaning on the Doppelganger or the you teleport to a new room that is decorated the same way as the last, and there is are 4 gnolls all facing away from you towards a glowing orb that just vanished.
What do you do player 1?

Or what @Shadymutha did to us with the artifact…


Added party splitting disruption to the list.


LOL…they do that to themselves :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol true. Always liked that boss fight on elder scrolls online where the boss teleports players into locked cages. The party has to lockpick their ways out while the boss channels a strong spell that can be interrupted. The alternate space with a totem thing is very Warcraft. Getting pulled into the magic sword and battling spirits to return to the main fight. Potential for epic stuff here.


I love all these ideas. A while back I made a 1d12 table for 3D and have been using it with moderate success at my game table. But these ideas here are so much richer. It’s a good reminder to me that collaboration brings quality. Thanks so much to everyone who contributes. I’m going to redo my table with these ideas and post it when I’m done.

@Delusions, want to start a thread for Duration?


Collaboration is great as long as there is only one vision at the end. If it is a bunch of visions it can be a trip through the darkest dungeon of dispare and frustration.

No, I’m not bitter about meetings to schedule meetings or training sessions that are more like beta sessions :japanese_ogre:


Right on. Duration is the tricky one might be a topic worth discussing.


How about disarming? LOOT gets thrown far away, down a ravine, magnetized above their heads, or even used against them by the disarming enemy!


Yes, loot or equipment destruction is disruptive. E.g. rust monsters.