Differences between classic and master editions?



Hey guys, fairly experienced D&D player here. I’ve also dabbled in a couple of other RPG. I’m looking for something more rules-light and I feel drawn to what I have seen from IC RPG.

What is the difference between the classic edition and the master edition? I just downloaded Foundry and both game systems are available there.

I’m looking for something more rules-light so I don’t think I’m terribly interested in the advanced magic option I have seen mentioned elsewhere.

If you go classic edition – particularly on foundry – is that mandated or do you have the option to play with the simpler magic system?



Yeah, I grabbed Master Edition.

If I run something, I will only be running HB so I don’t need any settings information. Just the system and classes stuff.

I would also be playing online only and probably through Foundry. So I’m really wondering if the advanced magic system is optional through Foundry’s Master Edition IC RPG.

I hope so because I am looking for something more simplified. I’m early in the IC RPG book but I like what I have seen of the system so far.

I hadn’t yet known I would be using Foundry when I made my post last night. I’ll probably have to check over there to see if the advanced magic system is optional in their IC RPG Master Edition tool.



Like with anything in ICRPG choose what suits you :slightly_smiling_face:

You by no means have to use the additional advanced magic system! Or any of the rules/guidelines in the book for that matter!


I just picked up core also because I might be playing under someone else and I want to have some of the other race options.