Developing Alfheim Class Ideas (In Progress)



Finally got around to tidying up some of my custom classes from Google+ days so that I can repost them here. I’ve also started thinking of new ones so this post will be a running series of Alfheim Classes.


Damn son this is a really cool class!


Been playing around with a new class idea. A Hallow is someone who had a demon exorcised from their body, but the experience turned them into a “portal” for demons to traverse. They’ve learned to control the demons they summon by taking on hindrances of their own. The main idea was to make a “summoner” class where the character rarely does the fighting themselves.


The Epoch was my take on a “time-mage” class.


One of my favorites, the Moxie was my attempt at a “Drunken Master” class.


The Rusted Knight is kind of like a “Death Knight” class.


The Sentinel is a martial artist class with 2 different paths to choose from.


The Transmuter is a strange class utilizing Transmutation Magic to replace body parts with ones from other beings.


Nice work! They make me want to play a game of Alfheim… oooo the Transmuter… my new favorite! …these need to be a book…maybe call it The Adventurers of Alfheim or something cool like that! … we could all contribute a page or two and compile them for the community to share! … good writing inspires us all!!! … Game On!


Hell yeah I remember those!


LoL I’m glad they were worth remembering! Finally made it priority to get them switched to this forum.


I love creating Classes and Paths!