Desert Toolkit for ICRPG



Resources for anyone who wants some free stuff for their desert campaign!

Hey Shield Wall,

I have a collection of resources I have created for a Khett/Kath campaign. I’m interested to see what people’s thoughts are. It’s a few ideas; 5 story hooks; 30 items; and a dozen Monsters.
Feedback is appreciated.
Here is the link.
Thanks in advance!


Lots of great ideas here.
I was showing this to my daughter. I mentioned that the Mummy sorcerer looks like someone fun to invite to a birthday party (the skull looks like a balloon). She said that it reminded her of this meme:


I appreciate the feedback. When I showed my art to my son, his attention also went to the Mummy Sorcerer. He couldn’t make out what he was seeing. Maybe I’ll redo that one.