Desert Monster : Sand Shark



Sand Shark :heart: +2 All Rolls
If blood is shed in the open desert, d6 Sand Sharks arrive in d4 rounds.
Ultimate Damage
If Chomp does 6 or more damage, Target loses a limb.
Eat or be eaten. These predators can smell blood from miles away. They are always on the hunt, patrolling the desert ready to go into a feeding frenzy at the first scent of blood.

This monster can be a typical monster encounter or be implemented as a combat timer. The idea is that the players know whenever that are in combat in the open sands, sharks will appear after a target has taken its first hit.

Let me know any feedback if you have ideas on how to make it more interesting.


Damn it. My player characters just made it through the desert in western Khett! This is a sweet creature encounter.


Thanks! My party is heading back into the desert, so that’s where my mind has been.