Déjà View: EZD6 Discovery Play w/ the Dungeon Matron @ RJ24



As your eyes open and your blurry vision clears, you feel dirt against your face and survey the chaotic scatter of an old junkyard, full of all sorts of discarded objects—from the utilitarian to the obsolete—overhung by a dark grey sky thick with cloud cover.

You have the strangest feeling that you have been here before.

Moving slowly, you sit up to among the curious heaps and middens, accompanied by fellow lost souls who have sustained some mild injuries and are suffering total amnesia with regard to whom they are, how they got here, and how they arrived in such condition—just like you…

Pick yourself up off the ground! You have a most important mystery to solve if you’re going to (re)discover your past, present, and future…

If you are a dedicated roleplayer, this unique discovery play session is the one RuneJammer game YOU MUST NOT MISS!

Visit https://runejammer24.sched.com/event/1ctvg to sign up on Sched, and see http://www.runejammer.com/ for all the details on the rest of our completely free, week-long. around-the-clock, grassroots online gaming event, in celebration of all things Runehammer. :shield:


Seats still available for this unique EZD6 discovery play experience!