Sorry if this is a stupid question, or was already answered.

The rules state to subtract the enemy ATK form the Defense roll - I assume this means to subtract from the target number (Defense rating) to roll under, not the roll?

Sub question - would it be easier to use the ATK value to be a roll over value? in other words, if the Defense Value was 11 and the ATK was 3 the PC needs to roll under 11 but over 3.

Finally, is it a typo in my rule set copy that 20 is a critical hit and 1 is a critical fail?

Thank you so much in advance. I love the Rune Hammer content.



I think it could have been worded a bit better, but the way it works is like so:

A. Subtract ATK from the Defense rating before rolling.

or B. Add ATK to the d20 roll against the Defense rating.

Either way the math works out.

Your ‘blackjack’ style of rolling under this but over that could work, but it removes the possibility of rolling a crit success on a Defense roll.

And yes, that is a known typo, just flip crit hits and crit fails around and you’re good to go.