Deepest Darkest Dungeon: Meet the monsters



I mentioned in my other post Deepest Darkest Dungeon, that I created some monsters for my players to fight in the abandoned ruins of the old derelict mansion on top of the hill. The token base is by Runehammer and the pictures are from the Darkest Dungeon-wiki. Here they are. :slight_smile:






TIER 1, Infallible Servitude: when NEAR other enemies that take damage, the Manservant takes the damage instead



TIER 1, Gather the Blood: when doing damage, supplicant heals for half of it. Can be done 4 times: O O O O



TIER 1, Eldritch Incantations: CHA-check or 2 STRESS



TIER 1, Hook (Weapon, ingrown into the flesh, STR-check to take it)




  • when Swine Prince alive: mark enemies (kill this one)
  • when Swine Prince dead: Squeal (CON-check or stunned, 1 damage)


TIER 4, Enraged Destruction: when Wilbur is attacked, auto-hit WEAPON damage against attacker

The Swine Prince doesn’t have a token, because he is so big, that he takes up two-thirds of a room.


I like Wilbur. :+1::+1:


This is really cool!

I really like the Man Servant


That’s the good stuff! Thanks for sharing.


Those tokens turned out really great, I dig the coloration! That swine prince looks freakin nasty.


Thanks for sharing!

If anyone wants to use some Darkest Dungeon tokens for VTT, here is my folder with all the Monsters.

Not so pretty as @kagozaiku 's, but good for the porpuse. :slight_smile:


Very nice! Thanks so much for sharing. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing.


I have done it! I made token of all the enemies in Darkest Dungeon using Hank’s token base and vehicle token made by @Abodi for the very very big monsters (looking at you, Swine Prince).
That was the easy part. Now I have to write stats and abilities for all of them, so they can be used in the ICRPG-Darkest Dungeon-hack I am working on. I’ll probably use the tier-system again to be able to have different versions of the same monster to account for the apprentice-, veteran-, champion-level some enemies have in the game. I haven’t token-ified things like the hag’s cauldron, the fanatic’s pyre, the bomb barrel or the bulrush. I feel they are terrain and don’t need a token, but if you think they should be token as well let me know. I can add them.

Anyway, here’s 128 token with Darkest Dungeon enemies with pictures taken from the Darkest Dungeon Wiki.


Whoa! That is quite an accomplishment, thanks for sharing these!


Wow! Awesome. Thanks for the effort!


This is amazing, I have loved the tokens I’ve picked up here and there from darkest dungeon. Thank you so much for your work and sharing it! These will certainly be put to use!


Thanks for the tokens, i may just have to use these. I made some Darkest Dungeon inspired mental quirks (Ideas for sanity recovery) on a rollable chart a while back for use with ICRPG as well. feel free to hack in if you haven’t got something better already.


Hej, thanks.
I’m gonna get to the quirks eventually, which I read as feats that can be either positive or negative.
I feel that all the stress-related quirks like Cove Phobe, Warrens Phobe, Ruins Phobe etc. can be easily translated if we use this stress mechanic:

Being a Warrens Phobe for instance would mean that you double the amount of stress you suffer.
Being a Warrens Adventurer on the other hand would mean that you double the amount of stress recovered.