DC Adventures conversion



Superman PL15

STR +19
DEX +2
CON +14
INT +2
WIS +2
CHA +4

Armor 20
+11 unarmed 19 damage
+10 heat vision 15 damage
15 :heart:

Flight 15
Heat Vision 15
Impervious 18 ( ignore all damage less than 18)
Super-Breath DC19
Super Senses 15
Super Speed 8
Super Strength 23 ( 200,000 tons)

Power loss - red sun
Relationship - Lois Lane
Responsibility - use powers for benefit of all
Secret Identity - Clark Kent
Vulnerability - magic ( no impervious)
Weakness - Kryptonite


I used Superman’s toughness score as the number of hearts. Maybe a good build for Superman but same formula would give Batman 4 :heart: 8 with defensive roll. Maybe overpowered?


wouldn’t his physical stats just be infinity loops??

this just feels like a very under powered version of my favorite hero. lol


This is his stats from DC Adventures. I think it is an accurate assessment of the current version of Superman. His power level has varied wildly over the years. Your version would be a Power Level X character. Unlimited power usable only as a plot device character.


Power levels go up to 20. The Spectre is power level 20. Doomsday and Darkseid are both PL16. There are also PL X characters like Myxptlk, Phantom Stranger, Neron, and Nekron. Plot device characters with unlimited power.


dc adventures is a game system? ill look it up. well if 20 is a max stat. then a 23 str is good. lol i am still new to icrpg and am having a few issues understanding how some characters are built

so i saw this and am trying to break it down so i can understand it.


I am a sucker for all things Supers, would love to see what The Flash might look like here :slight_smile:


i think we all need to pull together and start filling this site with supers and mutants


I strongly agree. ICRPG needs Supers. :grin:


PL10 is average and even Batman is a PL12. Not bad for a guy with no powers. :sunglasses:


This is a great way to port supers. One question tho; how do you handle the 19 damage? Is it 19 Ultimate dice, one Ultimate with a bonus of 19, a flat 19 damage, or something else?