Darkest Dungeon Inspired VDS Campaign


WHAT: A lethal dungeon-delving game where individual adventurers are expendable. West Marches style scheduling, in that players will need to organize expeditions and figure out which day works for their group.

INSPIRED BY: Darkest Dungeon

HOW: A custom hack of Viking Death Squad. I will share my document with the players.

WHO: Open Invite. My hope is 8+ players, with each session having 3-6 players, but we can do Troupe-style play if necessary.

WHERE: Logistics on Discord, Google Meets for the actual sessions

WHEN: 9AM to 12PM EST Weekdays, 3PM to 6PM EST Sunday and Saturday. Those are the time slots I can run in, but the goal is that players will organize groups if they want to play on a certain day.


This is quite interesting. I will be keeping an eye out. Anybody wanna team up?


To clarify, you can improvise your group each week.


I haven’t gotten that much interest, sadly. If you are still down, I might shrink it down to a standard campaign format, but you play with a adventuring Guild rather than a specific character being owned by a player


I’d be interested, I work weekends so I’d be restricted to week day times, but the ones you listed would probably be workable for me.


I’m interested to play during the week! I come home from work a little earlier than 9AM!


i could be interested in this! I haven’t played VDS yet, but love Darkest Dungeon. The weekend times would be doable for me.


I’m interested as well, weekends are best but could do a week day given a weeks notice.


Here’s an invite to the Discord. I’ve decided to shrink it down to two sessions, one in the week, one on the weekend



I’m doing one session sometime in the week, and one on Saturdays.


Weekends it is