You could just remove the different effort dice all together and just use averages. Especially for kids.
obviously if you get a +1 for wpn effort, it’s now a 4.
There are cons for doing this as some people enjoy rolling for damage. but if all your kids needed to roll is a single d20, the game would flow so smooth.

I understand the averages I put are rounded down but you could round up if you wanted to make things die a little faster.


Not sure how to help. The problem might be terminology and distractions on the character sheet.

I use the terms “attack and damage or spell effect” if it involves weapons or spells.

I would have a definition of Basic Effort on the character sheet and an explanation of how it works.

OR… even better. Get rid of Basic Effort…Make a Below and Above range for the room Target Number to determine partial success or extra good success.