D100 NPC table for TheWaste



Hello folks,

Wanted to share this D100 NPC table that me and some folks brewed up for The Waste is Not Kind. Eventually this will find its way into an update to the Waste when I revamp the GM section.

Despite it having some specific verbiage for that setting, thought it would be inspiration for NPCs in general which is always helpful.

Thanks again to those who helped make it, D100 tables are no easy feat!


That’s a lot of work! congrats on putting this together, it turned out great!


Incredibly colorful list for the WASTE! You kind of have to be a character to survive out there and so many juicy bits to be inspired by. Well done! :herocoin: :herocoin:


Thank you! I had some great help from players in providing many of the entries!


it turned out great an example to all those wanting to make d100 tables


Love this table. Your setting is inspiring and so much fun to explore. TheWINK is an excellent showcase of all the good things ICRPG can do.


holy heck, thats a lot of NPCs!


I know post-apoc can be harder to conjure than fantasy tropes and such, especially with different flavors of what folks want their post-apoc to be! I hope this table can help set the mood a bit for folks that take the time to read it. I wanted to give enough to serve that purpose. A little weird, but not completely gonzo. That’s the sweet balance I’m trying to hit with the Waste.