D10 List of Group Bonds for New Campaigns


  1. Escaped! The group is still shackled to each other by the ankles.
  2. Stranded! Your mercantile caravan left you all behind.
  3. Rip-off! You swindled a crime boss for more coin than you’d be able to earn from a lifetime of honest work.
  4. Accused! You all witnessed a crime, but you’ve been falsely accused of perpetrating it.
  5. Clandestine! You all moonlight as secret agents for a questionable wizard.
  6. Humanitarian! You covertly perform an outlawed deed for what you believe is a noble & moral cause.
  7. Repent! You are all responsible for a botched operation that killed a friend. You receive penance weekly.
  8. Blackmailed! An untouchable noble coerces you to do their dirty work.
  9. Plague! Your neighbors are falling sick, but the town over may know of a cure.
  10. Opportunity! You gave a dying man one hell of a sendoff. They gave you a deed to a crumbling mansion.


Love this…reminds me of PBTA bonds but for the group. I add PBTA like bonds to ALL of my campaigns now. They really help get the ball rolling fast. :slight_smile:


These are great! I’ve been espousing bonds between PCs and bands with NPCs for a while now. No more “lonely stranger” PCs whose families were all killed by orcs!


This is fun! I might take the idea and run with it. Maybe flesh it out and customise it for the new campaign I’m starting up shortly. :slightly_smiling_face: