D&D 5E Class and Bio-Form conversion complete


Hello all!
I have mentioned this in a couple other threads while it was a work in progress, but my ICRPG versions of all 5th edition D&D classes and races is now complete. This was mostly a labor of love as I don’t even know whether I intend to use it. It was a ton of fun coming up with all the milestone rewards to try and capture the essence of each class.

This work is completely free to use or modify in any way, no need to ask me!

EDIT: Added races outside PHB and sections for Powers and Spells


You got me at the Human bioform :heart_eyes:


Well done! There’s a lot of goodness here~!


Holy cow! This is fantastic. I love the conversion here, this will help me to transition players from 5E to Icrpg. It will definitely help bridge the gap from the skill based class system to the loot based game. Absolutely awesome job dude!


This is fantastic! Definitely going to get some use out of this one. Thanks for the share!


Hi @Ekulio

I really loved this doc and plan to use your classes pretty much as written in our next hexcrawl campaign. I wanted to put more of a personal touch on some of the bioforms and so did a lot of remixing and just plain adding on and cutting out. (To better fit what I want to run at the table, not because of any errors or issues.) But there’s enough of your material still there that I wanted to check in with you. Was wondering… Could I have your permission to share my remix with the shield wall via my ICRPG HACKS Google Doc? Otherwise it’s just me and my table ever going to see it. :smiley:


That is totally fine!


So Shall It Be!

Thank you muchly, kind sir. The Hacks file is updated


Awesome! I edited the OP, for future reference there is no need to ask. It’s not like I was going to publish it or anything :smiley:


New forum member here, long time game creator. This is a great tool. My game is a bit different class and race wise but the concepts are thought provoking and the process of coming up with milestones has become so much clearer due to your examples! Thank you!


Awesome work, thank you.


This is awesome work bud.