Custom Dice



If you are ever in need of some killer dice, our very own @monomakes custom made this set of ice blue dice for me, plus a bonus red binary die. They are amazing, and the picture does not do justice how gorgeous they are in person, and how great they feel in your hands.

Also, here is a standard d20 for size comparison:


They look amazing as usual, I want some, but also… I kinda love that black d20. Can I ask where it is from?

I think I will be picking up something from Mono’s etsy store come January when my birthday rolls around…


That’s an obsidian D20 I received from backing a Kickstarter for Dungeon Craft through 1985 Games. It has an amazing heft and feel while still being relatively light. I would love to have a whole set of obsidian dice, but the cost is prohibitive.

You might still be able to get the D20 here from 1985 Games, but I am not sure:


Very cool! I may have a look. I really like pure black dice like that.


I like the numbers are big & like the shape of the d4.


Not really a forum user I’m afraid - the platform is soooo outdated hehe.
Thanks for the shout out @Alex :shield:


I really like this style of d4. @monomakes would you consider selling a set of just those?


Guessing these are 3D printed resin printed dice?

If not I totally want a set. If so I totally want the STL.

Welcome to the new reality of today’s world.


hello there.
If you’re referring to mine, no. They’re (epoxy) resin cast, sanded, polished and painted by hand.