Crown & skull Player's Guide Errata


Didn’t see anywhere to report this so thought I’d do it here. I haven’t had a chance to read through completely, but figured I’d get these reported.

pg. 9 - “The GM will hurl all manner of monster at you.”

Could be correct or it might be “monsters” was intended?

pg. 12 - “There and many foes of both sides in the wide world…”

Should probably be “There are many…”

pg. 18 - “Simple restoration occurs by the rules on page 12.”

Not on pg.12, should be 16 I believe.

pg. 20 - “These can spent to add skills, spells,”

“These can be spent…”

pg. 31 - “There will plenty of time in play”

“There will be plenty…”

pg. 31 - “There are five lineages to choose from,.”

unneeded comma

p. 32 - “You invent your own boogie men, and sew doubt among others.”

Should be “sow doubt”,sew%20doubts%20about%20his%20guilt.


There is also I think something missing with the great sword:
It’s the only 3 point weapon with a malus (requires 2 hands) instead of a bonus (warhammer stuns, flail double damage on horseback, halberd long reach etc).