Crown and skull spells


Maybe I missed this , but Do spells count as gear to be taken off for attrition? Or are they seperste?


From what I’ve read, I conclude that Spells are not valid targets for Attrition. This seems to be enforced by the presence of the “Magic” skill, which allows for spells to be cast.

If this is accurate, it makes good in-world sense that Attrition can impact your capabilities to cast a spell (speech, hand waving, staff or wand breaking, etc), but–due to its nature–cannot affect the spell, itself.


Yeah after more reading. That’s what I came to as well. Thanks


by default no, they simply have a number of casts per rest. if you choose to add the limitation, “linked to an object” then the spell is linked to an object in your inventory and thus would be targetable by attraction, if destroyed then the spell is gone as well


magic or faith isnt used to cast spells, spell simply just happen