Crown and Skull - Enemy Phase question


Read through the Crown and Skull Free Player’s Guide and it looks really interesting. Looking forward to playtesting it.

I’m trying to get my head wrapped around enemy phases. In the Skeleton stats, the Skeleton has Phase: 3 and the Skeleton Elite has Phases: 4. I think “Phases” might be an error, but I’m not sure.

One page 17, it states that “Foes will act in 1-3 phases per round.” If the Skeleton has Phase: 3, does that mean that all Skeletons act on Phase 3? And, for the Skeleton Elite, they act on Phase 4?

Also, it looks like we may need a new Crown and Skull category in this forum.


Yes, you are correct. All of the skeletons would act in Phase 3 and then the Elite would go in Phase 4.


This topic is magically already in the Crown & Skull category!


As @KaneDriscol had confirmed, the PHASE determines when the monsters will act. If there are multiple phases (example 3 and 5) this means the monster acts in each of those phases (BRUTAL!).

The Tactics number is the amount of times the monster can act in each phase! So the Elite acts on Phase 4 AND will act 3 Tactics that round! Hope it doesn’t get 3 cleave attacks!