Crown and Skull d20 air encounter table



I gave my players an airship, and hadn’t realized how that would affect travel flow, so I made this d20 encounter table, and figured y’all might appreciate it.

Air encounters

1: Ambush! Frogkin hunters in small fighter vessels swarm your ship

2: Frogkin patrol. A frogkin ship, they are as surprised as you are

3: Apex predator. A Roc swoops in… DUCK!

4: The great Skywhale. A flying beast appears, there seems to be a dungeon in its mouth

5: Goblin ingenuity. A ramshackle zeppelin carrying a large group of goblins comes through the clouds

6: Land ho! A floating island appears in the clouds

7: Swarm. Swarms of birds surround your ship

8: The knives. Mountain tops jut above the clouds like great blades

9: Roc’s nest. A mountain top containing a giant birds nest

10: Traveling witches. 1d4 women ride by on brooms

11: Off course. You suddenly realize you are miles off route.

12: Naive melody. A mysterious whistling is heard over the wind, beautiful, haunting.

13+: Smooth sailing. An easy bit of progress.

19: Treasure. Through a break in the clouds you see a metallic glimmer in the clearing below, treasure!

20: A strong wind. Your journey reaches its end immediately!


No Dragons…Drakes…Griffons …oh my?


the plan is to refill the table as my players go through encounters, ill update when ive got another 20!