Creative people are amazing and i'm not one of them



I spent at least 4 hours just creating this nonsense in photoshop. an example of a city intersection for use with Vigilante city.

the orange rectangles are placeholder car size templates so i could work out the width of the road


I think you need to change the title of this post because this certainly counts as being creative. Isometric rendering is no small feat (at least for me), nice work here!


I really like that 3D look! I would love to run a campaign with that style, especially using Vigilante City.


Yeah I thought this would be a good start for some VC play. I’ll work on it some more and then I’ll post a link here for people who are interested.

Things to do:
• draw some buildings externals (won’t be fancy because I’m not artist)
• draw some floor plans so that character’s can go into at least the first floor of the building.
• Find a few more more assets, isometric cars would be awesome, I want these to be able to his behind or thrown, might need some office furniture too.
• oh literally just popped into my brain that I could do building rooftops now pretty easily. Who doesn’t want to fight on roof tops.


If you enjoy the 3d look and are happy with a fantasy set to play VTT then I highly commend checking out Epic Isometric

These are the two core products.

I believe all the other sets on DTRPG are also available for download from his Patreon page. If strapped for cash this is a cheaper but more time consuming way to get heaps of assets. But you’ll still want the core package or the bundle I linked.

Also there is an offical epic isometric discord server where people are posting their own creations and patch assets to extend the usefulness of the offical assets even further.

Even more people are slowly colouring some of the assets (most the minis) and while I thing the being terrain and white minis look really good,
Some pops of colour are also very nice

Apologies for the quality but just as an example,
Here is something I put together to highlight
What assets look like and you can see the offical assets verses some that I coloured.


Thanks, I’ll definitely look into it. I think my players will like a change in style. It would definitely be worth it.


So last night, that scene was just posed in Photoshop, here is a setup in roll20

as you can see i’ve crossed off the cars item from the above checklist.

and zoomed in


I think you’re super creative. It’s just that making an isometric scene, as you have discovered, can be fiddly and time consuming for even the best of us.

That being said, what you have done is awesome. That board is gonna be super killer for your players.


This rocks. Takes me back to some old school video games. Here’s looking at you, Crusader: No Remorse.


It takes me back to Bullfrog’s game, Syndicate.


ooh now i’m remembering Freedom force


Oh snap! I remember the intro to that one. Brutal. “Hey we need some new recruits” Runs over random dude in street. “OK, got one.”


That’s the one!


Syndicate was a great game.


I love seeing the progress on this. You’ve got an awesome idea, and I think it’s very creative! If you get more put together on it I’d love to see updates. :smiley:


I used to play that shit over and over again. Good times.


Might have to load it up on the raspberry pi.