Creating character sheets


What does everyone use to create a character sheet? I am just using a basic laptop, so that might limit my options. Also, I am low techy so bare that in mind, lol. Thank you, Kevin


I use Photoshop but a similar program would be enough as well.


Sweet, Thank you. I’ll look for that on my laptop. Do you just free hand it or is there a template? KZ


I used GIMP to make my Warp Shell Sheet - it’s a free program.

That sheet was done completely with GIMP with no template save for looking at what was on the ICRPG sheets and trying to figure out a good layout/flow to mine.

Currently looking into swapping to Affinity Photo and Publisher to make more professional stuff in (hopefully) fillable PDF format


I use Affinity Suite of Publisher, Design, and Photo…

There is no template. Other than the sheet used for ICRPG.

Your imagination if your only limit. I look forward to seeing what you come up with…

Game On!


I’ll look into those, however I am not sure I can download those on my work PC. Thanks for the tips I really appreciate it. kz


Thank you. I plan on using the ICRPG all the way, just want to make it Kid centered. Diablo 3 has a picture of your character with all the essentials (weapon, armor, etc). I want to do that for my boys, so they can draw their +2 sword or magic wand in their hand. Also their feet for dex bonus, etc. so they can associated the task with the body part. Might also use an index card for the weapons so they can draw them and apply them to the sheet. Thanks again for the suggestions I’ll work on this the next few days and post what I come up with. KZ


Sketch on my phone… lonnnggg


One thing I was thinking is a very simple sheet that just has your stats, effort, AC etc… but no loot.
And have each piece of loot is drawn on a separate index card. So if the kids find a sword you can pass them an index card with sword on or let them draw it themselves.


If you like InDesign but don’t want to spend the money, you can look at Scribus. I used the software to typeset a 70 page book. There is a screen capture of one of the pages on the post titled "NPC Attitude Chart ". The normal page, not the green screen one.


I found these two sites with nifty icons. The first might be for purchase as it requires an account to download, the second one seems a little flaky. A quick screen grab should work given that it’s for a personal project and non-commercial.

The Noun Project


So you just gave me an idea. I am thinking of a little board or sheet like dollar store foam board with slots in the shape of a generic character. Using index cards to to “arm” them and design their weapons and assign the bonus. As they find treasure/weapons I would hand them out so they can swap out the weapon/skill. Then for spells there would be say five cards they can use and then swap out for better spells. Then a spot for equipment/loot and a area for gold. Everything would be easily changed out and each skill would have the picture of the dice they roll and the bonus associated. Thank you for this. Kevin.


Yeah that sounds cool! I really like the whole “here! You find this spell scroll!” And then handing them the physical object as opposed to just writing it down. Also it feels cooler when players trade with each other.


Might I suggest Game Icons ?


Well now, THAT’S a find! Bookmarked! :heart_eyes:


I have been noodling with a game mechanic that is exactly that: a physical card that is your spell or weapon. You physically place the card on your sheet. What the spell is on one side and the effects on the back side. For this to work, one needs mini-cards. This seems to be a popular idea. Interesting.

I did a quick search and found these two printers:

I have not used either of these. Just a quick search result.


@s5photog wow! Well done sir.


This is great thank you. Yeah my players (age 5 to 13) really like making their own weapons, spells and loot. I will just assign the bonus and then create look like a +3 sword of slashing as rewards or pulse blast with a + 2 in effect. This will make the game so much more fun and it will make learning so much faster since I always have neighborhood kids joining in all the time. Thanks for this, KZ