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Long ago, I think I brought this up and I wish to bring it up again (again that is if I actually did bring this up before - if not… this is the first time. lol)

We have a lot of very talented folks here… so many so that even though I run a modified hack system that more resembles 5e than any other system… so many of my idea’s have come from you guys. This is a fantastic place for resource.

That said… one of my biggest dreams for the past 20+ yrs spent online is to have a forum where everyone contributes to create an actual world. A high fantasy (some land masses don’t have to be high fantasy at all) world where we each name a land mass, perhaps dictate some history on that land mass. We don’t need to populate the land mass… this would leave it wide open for the hundreds upon hundreds of towns, hamlet’s, villages, cities, etc that each of us creates for this world. Just grab Town named XXX and insert into Land mass XXX and off you go with your adventure. Each of those towns, hamlets, etc would need to have some information on them. What kind of city is it? Is it run by a guild? A king? A Nobleman? A Dragon? Your creation, your story. Inside each town, village, etc… would naturally exists stores (you create the store) and magic shops (you create them) and armorers (again, you create them) and so on and so forth. You name the shop, create the npc who runs it, make a back story for that npc even if you like.

In essence… this would be a massive resource for people to grab and insert into their game at their table. Plug and play if you will. Too many GM’s get caught up in drawing a map then they put names of places on the maps and then they run into the problem when the players say they want to go to Rivendell and the GM has only made three of the locations on the map so far and Rivendell isn’t one of them. Panic stations!! But, as GM… you can tell the players via an npc that there is a town just over the ridge called spider mountain called XXXX and you pick one from the list one of you has created and the GM is ready to go with a town and has loads of npc’s and shops to insert into the town.

So… who would be down to start this kind of project? If so, below simply start your reply with something like TOWN OF MONTENGARDE and then make your creation in that post. The first few lines should be a brief and to the point summary of the town so a potential GM can quickly scan and see if thats what they need for their game. After your summary, you go to town (no pun intended) making it. Don’t bother inserting shops in your post. Make a new post for those. You could insert ADVENTURE IDEAS at the bottom with hooks to inspire the GM who might use your creation.

RuneMapper: A Google maps for building worlds

The town of LongShadow. Walled city with tall black stone obelisk at its center. On the summer soltice, the evening sun has a long sword -shaped shadow cast across it with the tip landing on a temple belonging to a religious warrior cult. The initiates are taken to an underground complex where they are trained and only emerge on this day. “Born back into the world” only to see its failing light. Prayer vigil all night then begin their “mission” at the rising sun.

Your party is hired to escort a new “brother” to (some location)
I know, the time is very specific on this one. Sorry


The Gates of Urrvald

The underground stone gates of a fortress-village of Rat-folk living in the caverns under the mountain.

  • An evil army of goblins has fortified themselves inside, and now you must break in to dislodge their hold before they grow stronger

  • In times of peace, the homes built into the cavern walls are home to some of the greatest Rat-Folk delvers, their market has goods from deep within the earth that cannot be found elsewhere

  • The Splinters are an elite group of Rat-Folk assassins, based in the Gates of Urrvald and now they have been sent to hunt you. Evade them and seek their king to bargain the target off your back.

  • These stone gates are the only way to pass through the mountains without going over their jagged dangerous peaks. Stop the enemy here, or their devastation will be unleashed on the otherwise of the mountain range.

Love this idea, can’t wait to see this list grow.


Trade city at the edge of an empire, sitting at the crossroads of ancient trade routes, at the fall line of a great river, the doorway to the sea, and in the shadow of the holy Mount Aerarak.

  • Ruled by Duke Paramose, he is rumored to be deeply in debt.

  • The city is fabled to be the oldest in the world, home of Xed, the first man.

  • War has all but dried up trade, and the merchant houses and criminal guilds grow restless.

  • Panic sets in when the river begins to run backwards. This reversal of the natural order is the herald of catastrophe.


The shifting sands

A large desert that is difficult to navigate due to the fact it seems to change its topography more quickly than a normal desert. The Hardy people of the desert are known for trade and survival.

  • multiple nomadic tribes that have small villages set on the backs of giant scarab beetles wander the desert. (When settled only the village is visible as the beetle pushes itself below the sand surface).

  • the nomad beetles are said to be able to locate precious gems and minerals deep below the surface.

  • Many of the tribes have trade deals with outsiders, but mostly with the more powerful folks in the “jewel of the desert”.

  • there is a large obsidian like pyramid structure floating just above the desert that nobody goes near.

  • “the jewel of the desert” is a large city that is fast becoming the go to city for gamblers, big spenders, entertainment seekers, and those less honourable types that make a living off of these activities and the people who partake in them.

*giant centipedes stalk below the surface of the sand
*sand storms sweep away caravans trying to cross the desert
*ruins of lost civilisations dwell below the surface.
*giant flying predatory creatures patrol the skies.
*springs and oasis are more common than an average desert, rumours of a druid goddess come along with this knowledge

This is a brilliant idea, will try not to flood the thread with everything I think of lol


flood away mate… flood away



The Green Arrow. Selling bows and arrows. Some magical (arrows only)
Owned and operated by Larsyn Woodborn, Elf, Female.

Larsyn is a small sized young Elf who has a non-binary type air to her. Some often think she is a he and call her “sir” or “him” but it matters not to her. She does not care about such things. Her life is dedicated only to serving her true love, a secret love. Deep in the woods, several times a week Larsyn heads into the forest and with her skills in sneaking and passing without a trace, none have ever been able to follow her. Once she reaches her destination, she meets her love. An unreciprocated love however.

An older female druid Elf and an elder green dragon who live together in a hidden grotto of great beauty. There is a small lake fed by a series of tiny streams and a tiny waterfall. All around it is thick with flora and fauna. A tiny cabin sits deep into a hillside and heavily overgrown with flora. It is easy to miss unless you are looking carefully to see it. To even find your way into this hidden grotto is a challenge as it is so thick with flora and heavily protected by bramble thorn bushes which stand upwards of 20 feet high in most places. (Bramble thorns are up to 6" in length and will tear your clothing and skin easily. The toxins from them left on your skin can cause you to hallucinate for hours and you lose 1hp per injury from each thorn).

The combined magics of the elder dragon and the druid master are merged to craft a few (often 3 to 5) magical arrows for Larsyn to sell in her shop and in exchange, Larsyn gives all her profits to them (which is mostly for the dragons horde). It’s a complicated dynamic this relationship between the three but it works. Larsyn returns each day to open shop and sometimes with new magical arrows in hand which sell for a hefty sum.

100 magical arrows

Larsyn Woodborn