Core 2e is Drivethru deal of the day, July 31st


Looks like just the pdf, but great if you need an extra copy!


That is an absolute steal.


Welp, that did it! After years of wanting to play ICRPG, I bought the PDF on DriveThruRPG right before bed, and this morning I ordered ICRPG 2E from Amazon. :slight_smile:


@Brandoff, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! LOL


I was in the same boat! I have been running Curse of Strahd in 5e, and now that we are almost finished been itching to pick up ICRPG. Since 3e is being worked on, I was going to hold off. But with the sale I might as well pick up the PDF of 2e. Damn, it is such a good product!


You guys made a great choice man. It is honestly awesome. Infinately hackable and the best online community aswel.


Yup, same here, my 5e campaign is winding down, and I can’t wait to try out ICRPG. We moved to Discord because, you know, and that Technical Grimoire review about ICRPG being the perfect game for online really stuck with me. Things like abstract distance and maintaining turns even in non-combat situations sound perfect for what are basically voice-only games. (I do abstract maps in MS Paint, but a few of my players are on phones so even the most basic visual aids are a pain for them.)

Hell yeah! Everyone here seems awesome. Lots of imaginative homebrew and people responding to questions. I’m glad to join the party!


It was only a matter of time for me honestly! And I have been watching Runehammer and picking up supplements like Altered State and Vigilante City when they also went on sale haha. It really is a great system.


I can see that for sure. I never really played online until the pandemic, we were in the last quarter of CoS and wanted to keep the momentum going since we had been playing it for quite a while. If I had been smart I would have used those kind of techniques to make session prep a lot easier.

When I am done, I am going to take a DM break and another player is going to start running an open world Salt Marsh, but my plan is to alternate that with short adventures with diffirent rule sets to try them out (ICRPG, The Black Hack, Knave or Maze Rats maybe). I am very excited to get away from long form campaigns and try out shorter adventures with different systems.


I go back almost every day and rewatch a video from hank. And dungeon craft. Just so the philosophy is hammered home. That, and I’m addicted.


LOL me too man! Anytime I’m working on my personal games or supplements for the community, I’m usually watching a Hankerin video in the background for inspiration.


I had icrpg time video on while shopping today lol